Modern Grunwald Chronicles: Lida from the Teutons to Dozhinki


Yuri Bohan

Bohan"Lida was in advance of the Teutonic Order on the ground ON. Lida banner mentioned as one of those who was present at the Battle of Grunwald field. Lida was one of the locations where there is the Grunwald after Vytautas …

After Grunwald — a lot of tales. In particular, that "500 years untouched by the German on the territory of Belarus" — a fairy tale! Even to the Battle of Grunwald ended in defeat for the Allies, it would not change the situation. What won the Teutonic Order for 200 to ON? A small area. At Grunwald brothers of the Order numbered 250 people. The German part of the army was 40%, the rest — the Poles, Lithuanians, lingual cockroaches. So, to say that there was a real threat of the Order, it is not falling. Already during Krevsk Union in 1385 was baptized ON — part in Orthodoxy, others to Catholicism. And did Jagiello international measures that the Teutonic Order only discredits the idea of Christianity for its campaigns — "must stop this!" And dad supported.

What is the meaning of the Battle of Grunwald? The fact that the Teutonic Order was broken, and when it started Constance Cathedral in 1414-18, respectively, in the Crusaders are not smart enough to silence the fact of war. They began to accuse Jagiello and Vytautas in support of the "pagan" Lithuanians. It became clear that the Teutons are not persecuted Christian things, they are moved. And if part of the Polish towns captured by the Crusaders, started to show discontent and sought the help of Poland — then, the 13-year war, the Teutonic Order was weakened … "

This time, his native Lida I did not recognize. Starting from the bus station — protected area uzrytyya ways, building scaffolding. My old friend, a member of the BPF Burachevsky Michael explained:

Burachevsky"Of course we say no to Grunwald — Getting ready for" Dozhinki. " But the Society of Polish language hung a plaque will be enlightened on July 15 … "

I took a picture of that sign. Strange to say the least, was an inscription — "In memory of the victory of the Polish-Lithuanian army over the princely order in the fields of Grunwald". However, the "more" immediately told members of the "BPF Youth" Sergei Sidorenko and Vladimir Krutikov that were with me.

Sidorenko"It is written" thank the Polish-Lithuanian troops "in Polish. This anti-Belarusian attack …"

The other day at Leeds Historical Museum of Art will open the exhibition dedicated to the Grunwald. Its collector and organizer — known in the area of Leeds historian and ethnographer, Mr. Valery Slivkin. By the way, in Soviet times, he defended the authenticity of another 600th anniversary — the most Lida. In those days the local Communists in 1980, had the chance to receive the Order "Badge of Honor" from Moscow. The reason was supposed to be "moved" by 57 years in advance fake birthday. Then as a result of research Slivkina true date was confirmed by the Academy of Sciences. But here's his assessment of today's "Grunwald" confrontation in the city.

Slivkin"On the fields of Grunwald will be a big celebration. Knight festival will go on our Lida. It is clear that the Poles are made of this "candy", because for them it is a victory of the largest in the history of … "

Reporter"While our historians say that" there would be Krevo, there would be Rzeczpospolita "…"

Slivkin"Maybe so. Presiding over the entire battle of our guys — Vytautas and Jogaila. Squads that were there, our commanded again. Polish, Czech banners stood on the left, nor cholera is not doing. It is generally recognized that they may go into a fight, when 16 were the last Teutonic banners. Litvinsky took the full brunt of the troops and everything went. Vytautas solved his problem as a dictator — has made great power, but "put" on the future Grunwald our history. The relics remained, as the elite was knocked out. So this huge win for us and was the defeat in the future … "

But the arguments advanced lidchukov. In the cafe "Fountain" I met with two local entrepreneurs who have completed trade in manufactured goods, and audio and video discs at a fair nearby. Call itself did not, but quickly accepted the donated branded calendars Radio Liberty.

Lord"Radio Liberty — oh," listen to your "! I'm listening to … From Russia we shall not get anywhere … Weak economist you! But how many Poles pay for gas and why they average salary of 5,000 dollars? Why are left in Scandinavia and the UK, if your country need to raise! Belarusians unemployed will rise from Glassworks "Neman"! .. Now calm down after Greek history, as many have lived beyond their means, why the euro and crept downstairs. And we generally would not live … And in Vilnius, some children and old people go — you had to develop its own industry, instead of burying the Jelgava "RAF" not close "VEF". Now the Ignalina nuclear power plant shut down — why? To Ostrovets us deliver? "

And started talking about the main environmental "pain point" — recently in the suburban villages and mountainous valley Protest against the construction of the factory hot atsynkovvannya. The parties also do not believe vertikalschikov voiced assurances that "the threat of environmental degradation does not exist."

Lord: "They said that zapustsyats.Tam need a lot of water, and they said that it will be a vicious cycle. Money is great! .. But if you fall into one drop of water, enough to all of us … "




In today Lida say about the upcoming autumn "Dozhinki" even know the bikes because they can not drive through potholes and debris. On ambitious plans to streamline the city has been allocated 300 billion rubles, unofficially — 200 billion more. Nevertheless funds is clearly not enough. Lida was divided into supporters and opponents of the newly-minted "perestroika." A member of the UCP, refinishing Constantine Stanyuk trying abektyvizavats situation.

Stanyuk"Lida today — the big construction site: perakopvayutstsa communication, updated facades. Last time the city was set in order in 1980, when the stadium was built. Since then, the city expanded, but not changed. And if the architecture — "frozen music", walking and reading the "music" Lida houses, very difficult, "tune up" something worthy. The city needs vzvarushvanne. From the center of the city "hruschoby" should be removed — there is in each of 5-6 families. The only thing going through lidchuki — have time or not and to what quality it will be done … "

Reporter"What do you mean yourself" Dozhinki "?"

Stanyuk"A" Dozhinki "at anything. This can be a" Slavic Bazaar "Victory Day. Im still not setting the framework, all can last forever …"

"The administration is sitting on a" bed of nails "- today you pan, gone tomorrow …"

Michael joins already familiar Burachevsky.

Michael Burachevsky

Burachevsky"What a" Dozhinki, "that kind of money" for free "will never have to make the city. Will increase the street on March 8, the tunnel do more, there's traffic jams. Took up the castle …"

Reporter"His levied bricks several years ago, and the wall fell …"

Burachevsky"Recently went and saw the iron is placed on the wall fitting. Most likely, there will again be filled with concrete, a little ablitsuyuts, but it does not benefit. Conservation will not, because we do not know how. To do this, you need to train specialists from laborer to the architect, to pay high wages. Build an ice palace — who needs it, I say nothing. In Grodno built once, and after he fell apart because they were unable to contain. Same thing with the ice palace will be … "

Stanyuk"We have a football team in last place in the first division, as a hockey team, they want to make on the basis of the ice palace — an order of magnitude more money. Where did they take, and what the result will show the team? And be ready to ice palace "Dozhinki"? "

Against this background, in the city People's Palace of Culture theater collapsed. Says professional production designer Andrew Arinich which, if necessary, was a director, and actor.

Andrew Arinich

Arinich"For the culture will be nothing, because all the money will go to" Dozhinki. " Lowered Plans — 4000000 theater should earn. For me, it was absolutely clear — people voluntarily go to earn money on the department of culture and do not get anything. If the national theater earns money, he can spend on decorations, costumes. And if you do nothing to motivate people, who go to the theater? "

Historian Valery Slivkin, however, remains — how to say "goodbye" — optimism and faith in the fruit of the efforts of the head of a vertical Khudyk Andrew: Yes, they say, the positive experience of the previous relationship.

Slivkin"I wrote a letter to the governor of the time that other museums are building, and we are destroying. I was called, chasing, would work with the fire, but was put museum, and he's one of the best in Belarus — this year received the first prize and the presidential prize. Library Kupala was little room on the second floor, which was destroyed permanently. And now the four-story building, where a reading room, you can meet, socialize. And the book — I ordered the "Mindaugas — the King of Lithuania," I sent her. Next. My dream was to the south side of the castle built something, because there were bushes, the quagmire. Now the lake will prosper, clearing the area around the castle. 8 houses demolished, the people agreed to endure this time, but in September vedut into new apartments. And we get the city you can be proud of … "

Together with the head of department BPF Vladimir Krutikova and member of the "Youth of BPF" Sergei Sidorenko do tours of the city, to see for themselves what is happening. Just opposite the "vertical" building smoldering remains of the burnt-storey houses, destroyed a bulldozer. Gennady Loader, who was passing by, said:

Gennady"We have our own in Lida Hatyn. There were four houses. In order to carry, they have taken and set on fire. Hatyn smokes the third day in the city center … "

Sidorenko"After today," reconstruction "of the Yanka Kupala Street remained one house — the Palace of Culture. Knocked home the twentieth Here is amfiteatar to 15,000 people … "

Reporter"You promised that what can be repaired pipes, drains …"

Gennady"This is nothing to anyone. The main thing — to prepare a "Potemkin villages". Scenery around … "

Krutikov"With the ideological department of the executive committee at a meeting with voters said Lida hurt — like an ice rink for 3000 seats, and gave a thousand. There really is not anything built, and dug up the entire city, from the train station … "

Sidorenko"The usual Soviet practice — to throw dust in the eyes of those who come, indicating that the mass of objects. Lida TV only showing off blows that "everything is fine" … "

Krutikov"Even in a vertical" Lida newspaper "published that in a former library just a facade to" Dozhinki "do. And after already finish building the company store" Hero "for the sale of TV …"

We stop to try sort of Lida barreled kvass. I asked the saleswoman Kathy:

Reporter"As you think," Dozhinki "huge turn you will brew?"

Katia"Of course, many people will come to see our city …"

Reporter"Do you think that will have time to repair, to build?"

Katia"I want to believe, but the question is — dug up a bit too much …"

Reporter"I understand that a" Dozhinki "until well prepared except the Finnish company" Lida beer "?"

Krutikov (Laughs): "Wow! By the way, the shareholders' Leeds beer "first received dividends from shares — just your hands … "

Reporter"What in the economy of the city at this time?"

Krutikov"Shoe factory almost covered herself — there is a massive reduction. I managed to escape to another place of work — I was energatsehu. There were 20 people in the shop are going to leave the sixth in the factory once was 4000, now 1200, going on to cut 600. Furniture factory with unsold products … "

Sidorenko"In general, all state-owned enterprises in the city — the so-called" covert "operation: works a lot of people, with nothing to do — to reduce the unemployment rate. Sit smoked per 300,000. Stable — like debility! Such a situation is to "optics", "Elektraprammashy" Electricals. The Cut everywhere at any moment explode. Worst thing that most people do not realize that this would have to clear up the mess after showing off to us. Over the next few years, forget about social issues — will have to deal with the fact that the boil-dug. thinks "Dozhinki" — a panacea, and then we, as in Eden, to live … "

Krutikov"No, not true, many spits. Basically now the protests — comes to people …"

Reporter"And social issues, even in those that were asked during the last straight line with the Mayor Khudyk — Lida lot …"

Krutikov"Darkness! On the same street Dzerzhinsky floods because they do not make the collector. Many homes in need of repair. Settlement on the outskirts of the city did not eyeing — pits, potholes, pavement is not always rely on, and the "Dozhinki" there were scattered. Center violated, and there
is not a gap decade … "

At the end of our conversation, said Mr. Valery Slivkin like a wave moving away from the intuitive local patriotism, said:

Slivkin"Let's agree to see everything in September — Khudyk before they are hatched. You then have to ask … "


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