MOE checks the Olympic facilities in Sochi after two earthquakes

 MOE has not found violations in the state of Olympic facilities in Sochi in organized after two earthquakes test, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a representative of the Southern Regional Center office.

A week in the region, there were two earthquakes. 31 km south of Abkhazia in Sukhumi, at a depth of ten kilometers in the Black Sea, December 23, there were an earthquake of magnitude 5.8. The second earthquake, as previously reported, a magnitude 5.6, occurred on December 26 in 154 kilometers south of Sochi, also at a depth of ten kilometers in the Black Sea. Previously reported that the checks will be buildings in Sochi for their sustainability. In addition, divers conducted a survey of coastal infrastructure and is not found in them damage.

"In connection with earthquakes MOE organize checks obektovOlimpiady in Sochi. Yesterday (Sunday) was already examined the technical condition of the infrastructure of the complex" Mountain Olympic Village. "Violations were found," — said the source.

He said that on Monday began checking lifts and office buildings Olympic Village. "With the help of mobile diagnostic system" String "objects are examined for structural rigidity, the degree of wear and hidden defects," — said the representative of the Regional Emergency Center.

To inform residents about the seismic setting and on the progress of the survey sites in Sochi work counseling in the Central District — Sovetskaya, 40, phone: 8 (862) 262-22-81, Adler district — Kirov, 53, phone: 8 (862 ) 240-34-50, Lazarevsky area — Glinka, 4, phone: 8 (862) 272-68-53. Here Sochi residents can request a survey of their homes.

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