Mogilev: Maybe you should join the European Union, and may not


Mr."I'd like to be in the EU. There is freedom. You can say what you think. Find a decent job. Well, finally — the European family of nations, the Christian civilization — it is more important to be. "

Mrs."There should join. We are positioning the country as a European, which seeks to develop economically, politically and socially. It makes no sense to retire. If Belarus will receive this status, then it will have some impact on the mentality of the people. "

Mr."Will not be worse. Each country there depending on the economic situation should take your niche. Equal with Germany or France is not possible for the status, but in general, as any European country, has to be there. "

Young man"To join is not necessary. Economically, it would be unprofitable to us. And politically, as too large a difference in development. We must work out its own development path. We are Europeans, but to unite to achieve is not required. You can co-operate. Why join? "

Mr."Of course. There is freedom. Economic freedom. This prestige. Access to Europe a more civilized. "

Youth"I am against it. I do not like this idea. Better alliance with Russia and Ukraine. We are not Europeans. We own nation. The mentality we have completely different. "

Mrs."I think it is worth. I have relatives there. To get there, in that the Baltics, I can not. Everything is expensive. And we can not see with their relatives. Even here the sake of it even worth it. "

Mr."The question is ambiguous. There are issues of economic plan that clearly will benefit the country, but there are things that deprive us of the possibility of building your own system in the country. A certain way that will produce itself in Belarus, will be under some pressure. "

Mr."Probably so. There's a good life. And people have a decent wage. "

Mr."We are far from that. Here a political issue. They did not really welcome, so why should we hurry? "

Mr."Why? Then be dependent on them. Here, the situation is completely normal. Life is like normal. Build links, of course, need to Europe. Maybe even our level will rise. "

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