Monotheistic religions

In the religions of other types (they include three major world religions — Christianity, Judaism and Islam) worship the gods of the human form, which is in heaven, in the past, went down to the ground, and then flew back, promising to return in the future.

These religions are monotheistic, that is, to those where it is one God. But if you, dear reader, think that, for example, the Jewish religion has always been monotheistic, then you would not hurt to get acquainted with some of the early texts of the religion. There you will find not a single mention of God, and the host of supernatural beings — angels, demons, and others.

There are some in the Christian religion, and in Islam. There is even a special branch of religious studies, known as angelology, which studies these creatures and their organizational hierarchy. Moreover, experts Hebrew (Hebrew) argue that an accurate translation of the name of God believing Jews Elohim does not mean "God" and "gods."

The question is, why replace the shamanistic beliefs was monotheistic. How is it that our distant ancestors began to worship the gods of the anthropoid if they (ancestors), apparently quite satisfied represent the spirits of the elements? And what was the motivating impetus for the creation of legends and texts that tell of arrivals from heaven, angels, people taking to the sky, and the like. What kind of events?

Can we assume that in ancient times the planet was visited humanoids, who were at a higher stage of development than the people, and the monotheistic religions reflect real events that took place in reality? However, in a distorted (in accordance with the principles of the cargo-cult) form, as people could not properly absorb and transmit to others' stories of highly techniques and technology.

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