Montauk: Experiments with time

The Philadelphia Experiment

The emergence Montaukskogo project takes us back to 1943, when the problem of invisibility to radar studied aboard the USS "Eldridge." Since the "Eldridge" was at the naval base in Philadelphia related to this ship event called "Philadelphia Experiment." The incident was the subject of several books and movies, so we'll give a brief description. The Philadelphia Experiment is also known under the project name "Rainbow" — the name assigned to this research are those who supervise them. So, He was conceived as a top secret project that would decide the outcome of the Second World War. In the framework of the "Rainbow," the herald of current technology "Stelc" ("low visibility"), the technical experiments to provide stealth ships for enemy radar. To do this, create "an electromagnetic bubble" — a screen that would be averted by ship radar radiation. "Electromagnetic bubble" changes the external electromagnetic field around a particular area — in this case the field is surrounded by a warship, "Eldridge."
Although the goal was only to achieve invisibility to radar ship, revealed a totally unexpected and drastic side effect. He made the ship invisible to the naked eye and withdrew it from the space-time continuum. The ship suddenly appeared in Norfolk, Virginia, at a distance of hundreds of miles.
The project has been successful in the material, physical sense, but for the people involved was a brutal accident. While the ship "moved" from the Philadelphia Navy base in Norfolk and back again, the members of the crew completely disoriented. They left the physical world, but have not found a familiar environment, which could establish a connection. On his return to the naval base in Philadelphia, some could not move without relying on the wall. Those who survived were mentally abnormal, were in a state of terror.
Subsequently, all members of the team after a long period of rehabilitation have been dismissed as "mentally unbalanced." But the examination of "mental imbalance" has been very convenient to discredit the possible revelations about what happened.
As a result, research in the framework of the "Rainbow" suspended. Despite the fact that a major discovery was made, it remains unclear whether human beings to survive in subsequent experiments. It was too risky to continue. Dr. John von Neumann, who headed the project, brought to work on the Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb, which was the weapon that ended the Second World War.
Few people know that the broad research program "Rainbow" were resumed in the late 40's and were driven continuously, culminating in 1983, when in Montauk managed to create a passage in the space-time. Our aim of this narrative — to provide a general understanding of the research and developments in Montauk after the Philadelphia experiment until 1983. Let's start with the story of Preston Nichols memories of how he encountered the work described.


— In 1971, I started working in the BJW (fictitious business name), also known defense contractor, located on Long Island. A few years later I received a degree in electrical engineering and began to specialize in electromagnetic phenomena. Although at the time I was not very interested in the paranormal, I have made grants to study mental telepathy goal — to determine if there is in reality or not.
I began to research and based on the fact that telepathic communication is based on principles similar to the principles of radio communication. I opened up a wave that could be called "telepathic waves". In some ways it behaves like a conventional radio. I decided to find out its characteristics, and began to define the length of the wave, and other relevant parameters. It was found that although the telepathic wave behaves like a radio wave, strictly speaking, it is not. Spreading similar electromagnetic radiation, it has similar properties, which, however, does not always coincide with the< действием обычных радиоволн.
This is all very excited me. I opened up an entirely new act of electromagnetism, mention of which is not found in any other I know of books or articles. I wanted to find out more and began to study all areas where features such radiation could be used. I awoke an interest in metaphysics.
I continued to study in his spare time and has collaborated with several psychics to test and try out all of their advice. In 1974, I noticed a strange feature, typical of all the staff with whom he worked. Every day at the same time they seemed jammed mind. They could not think productively. Assuming that the effect due to the influence of external electronic signal I takes its radio equipment to establish what the radiation outside affect people in this time interval. As soon as the radiation in the frequency range 410-420 MHz, Tupelo, and they regained consciousness after about twenty minutes after the radiation has ceased. It became obvious that this signal is strongly affected by mental capacity.
I decided to trace the signal. Established on the roof of his car modified TV antenna, I connected it to the microwave receiver (ultra high frequency) and went in search of the source. I tracked it down to the Center of Montauk. The signal goes directly from the red and white radar antenna, located on the base of the Air Force.
At first I thought that this signal is emitted by accident. However, on closer inspection it turned out that the database remains in effect. Unfortunately, the security service was irresistible, and the guards did not give any useful information. They said that the radar was used for the needs of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). To squeeze more failed. It was the radar during the Second World War (the defensive system "Wise radar"). He is completely out of date, and it is unclear why FAA needed such a system. I did not believe them, but could not unravel the intrigue. Unfortunately, I ran into a wall of silence.
I continued research in the field of psychology, but did not progress in the history of the antenna in Montauk, until in 1984 I did not call my friend. He said that it is now a deserted place, and that I should go there and see everything. I did just that. The object was indeed empty, everywhere — garbage, debris. Among the scattered piles of papers I noticed the fire extinguisher. The gates wide open, the windows and doors of buildings — too. Typically, the military did not leave their base in this way.
I decided to wander around the base. The first thing that caught my eye was the high-voltage equipment, which would cause the admiration of any radio engineer. In fact, I collect items and other radio equipment and wanted to buy something that is discovered. It occurred to me that this equipment will cost much cheaper if you sign an agreement with the agency for the sale of abandoned property. After seeing all of the equipment, I contacted the agency for the sale and spoke with a charming lady. I told her about my plans, and she promised to assist. It seemed that things really came to the abandoned property company. If so, I could not get what they want. However, she did not respond for a long time, and I called her again in three weeks. She reported that they were unable to find accessory equipment. They were not able to find its owner. As the military, and CA (GSA) said they do not know anything about it. Fortunately, the sales agency promised to continue to unravel the case After another week or two I again called employee of the agency for the sale. She readdressed me to John Smith (not his real name), who was a military terminal in Bayonne, New Jersey.
"Talk to him and he will help with something. We try to meet the needs of our customers," — she said at last.
I met John Smith, because
he did not want to discuss anything on the phone. He said that no one agrees to officially recognize the property is yours. It turned out that the equipment had been abandoned, and I could go and pick up everything I wanted. He gave me a paper that was like a public document and present it to recommend to anyone who would require an explanation of my presence on the left base. It was not an official document, it was not registered by anyone, but Smith assured that the police would leave me alone. He directed me to the superintendent Montaukskoy Air Force Base, which was to show me the property.

A visit to Montauk

I appeared on the basis of a week and met the caretaker Mr. Anderson. He was very helpful, advised to be careful and show places where you can fall through the floor or stumble. According to him, I was allowed to take all that I could take away during this visit, but next time he will have to see off me. After all, his job was to admit no one on base. Permit issued to me was, at best, semi-official, and the caretaker knew it. He was also kind enough and noticed that every evening at seven o'clock in the evening to miss out nip or two.
At the time I arrived at the base, accompanied by fellow by the name of Brian psychic who helps me in my quest. We decided to ransack the base and dispersed in different directions. Upon entering the building, I saw a man who gave the impression of a homeless person. He said that he lived in the building since the closing of the base, and also told that a year ago there was held a big experiment and after that all gone mad. Obviously, he never recovered.
It turned out the man knew me, and I could not figure out who he is and what he is talking about, but listened to his story. He explained that served as the basis for a technician. One day — shortly before the base was empty — he went out with the territory. According to him, at that moment suddenly appeared a huge beast and all scared. He told me a lot about the technical characteristics of the installation and its mode of operation, has told a lot of strange and claimed that knows me well.
It turned out that I was his boss on this project. Naturally, I found this a complete nonsense. I did not know then whether it contained any truth story. That was the beginning of my discovery that Montauksky project actually existed.
I left homeless and found his psychic Brian. He complained that the mess everywhere, and noted that he felt a very strong vibration. I asked his opinion about the events taking place here. His own interpretation of sensations surprisingly coincided with the fact that recently told me homeless. Brian talked about the confusing weather, mind control and terrible beast. He described an unusually angry animals, bursts through the windows. But the most important place in his understanding of their own perception took control of the mind.
This information is interested in me, but we came here to take out the equipment. Many devices were heavy, and stop by the base area on the truck we were not allowed. I had to take them apart. Thus I was able to take out of Montauk lot of different equipment.
A few weeks later, I was struck by a visitor who infiltrated into my lab. He appeared suddenly, not rang the doorbell and knocked on the door. Guest said that he knew me and that I was his boss, and explained many of the technical aspects of the project Montaukskogo. His words confirmed the story, said the superintendent and the homeless. I never knew the man, but all listened attentively.
I was convinced that on the basis of Montaukskoy something happened, but did not know what it was. My involvement in the events became obvious, but I still do not take it too seriously. However, the bewildering fact that I learned quite unknown to me people. It took a careful study of the problem of Montauk. To this end, I quickly moved closer to the center, and about a week living on the coast. I went over the bars and asked local residents about the base, talking to people on the beach, on the streets — wherever they could find, trying to find out all about the strange things that happened in those places.
Six different witnesses claimed that in mid-August, it was snowing. Out of nowhere flew hurricane force winds. Out of the blue, when the meteorological situation is completely ruled out anything like that, suddenly burst into thunderous storms with lightning and hail.
Oddities weather supplemented and other unusual stories. These included stories about animals breaking into the town herds or break into the window. Since that time, I was invited here some psychics.
Stories locals surprisingly coincided with the fact that psychics are determined by their particular sensitivity.
Finally it occurred to me to talk to the police chief, and he confirmed and deposited the information about the strange events. For example, during a two-hour interval comes in waves of crime, which then abruptly stopped.
It should be remembered that the Montauk — the town is very small. After a short break, followed by another two hours, when the crimes were committed. In addition, in the two hours teenagers were shot down in flocks, and then — also known why — wandered and went about their business. The police chief could not explain these events, but the data is perfectly aligned with the assumptions about the nature of psychic experiments on mind control.
Already accumulated a certain amount of information is extremely strange, but nothing clear. All alarmed. I regularly went to the flea market (where amateurs buying and selling radio equipment), where I learned some people. Who are they, I definitely do not know, but talked with them and asked about Montauk. Thus accumulating more information, but in general, the case remained a great mystery.


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