Moral and ethical aspects

RS Furduy made interpretation of the American space image of the territory, some results of which are mapped by D. Berezkina. Showing active faults and ring structures are well read (decrypted) on satellite images. The route of the tribe of Moses, combined with the circuit satellite imagery interpretation, convinces us that the purpose of all these walks and zigzags was fumbling the most energy-rich regions, which are, as it is known today, are the faults, especially their intersections and end zones, some sections of the ring structures.

Thus, under the guidance of "above" Moses for many years winds through the rift zone, turning the frame-tent in pointing out to him the most active and energy-rich points of it. It is possible that vnezemlyane produced at these points will eat some power to charge their "batteries", or for the implementation of the interstellar communications and the like. By the way, who is interested activation windows 7 the maximum can go to the website at the link above.

When you study the satellite image, you look at this desert parched by the heat as it looks from space orbit altitude, these dry valleys, wadis, salt marshes, deposits of rocks and sand dunes, there is a strange sense of ownership of the ancient stories.

This saw this earth from space alien eyes. Space where guests arrived, they were looking for here, what think? Why would they make a group of earthlings to wander through this bleak, scorched earth and engage in a completely alien and incomprehensible to them work for long forty years? It is clear that the aliens from outer space tribe Moses was, if not a group of guinea pigs, but in any case, the draft force, perform menial, and dangerous work. "Safety", and if used, it is likely, with a view to co-trained elementary injured personnel actions for the continuation of many years of experience. From forty years of "manna diet" is probably howl could …


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