Morocco has fallen meteorites of Martian origin

January 18, 2012 16:14

To a level that is at least ten times the value of gold, the price jumped samples meteor shower which fell in the desert of Morocco last July. A few months later examination it has been found that these meteorites are of Martian origin and presumably formed by the impact of a large asteroid with the Red Planet, according to ITAR-TASS.

Patterns adds value the fact that they are found almost intact, that is not time to get under prolonged exposure to microorganisms and climate of the Earth.

These meteor showers are extremely rare: so far they have recorded only four times — in 1815, 1865, 1911 and 1962.
As reported on Tuesday, curator of the New York collection of meteorites them. Makowicz Darryl Pitt, the total weight found in the desert in Morocco meteorite was at least 11 kg. The total weight of the meteorites of Martian origin of our planet is estimated to be 100 kg.
Depending on the structure and safety they are sold to museums, scholars, and collectors at a price of 300 to one thousand dollars per 1 gram. In comparison, the market value of gold is now approaching $ 58 per 1 gram. "This is a precious material. 500-600 dollars per gram fragment, recently flown to Mars, it is a big deal, "- said Darryl Pitt, who won for the New York meeting of 2 kg samples of meteorites.
In the study of a meteorite of Martian origin may reveal crucial information for scientists on the Red Planet. For example, the composition of its atmosphere, particularly climate change, the probability of the presence of organic matter and conditions for the existence of water, and, therefore, life. "If you can find a sample of fresh organic, you can be sure that it was born on Mars" — said Carl Agee, director of the Institute of meteorites and meteoroids at the University of New Mexico. Age Education fragments found in Morocco is not yet established. According to the scientist, it will take several months.

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