Moscow — a city of ghosts

November 8, 2011 5:02

In Moscow, "Ghostbusters." Metro reporter hunted with them.
49-year-old Vyacheslav Klimov was "hunter" in 1987, Ilya Sagliani whom 22 later. In real life, they all like the others — work, family. Ilya — PR-agent Glory — supplier of musical instruments. Family initially did not understand their passion, to discourage contact with "unclean." But then accepted their choice.

We asked "hunters" to show us the famous anomalous zones in and around Moscow. The guys took us along the "Road of Death" in the suburbs.

— The road goes where in the 12th century, there were Old Believers cemetery — says Ilya Metro. — Now here's an anomalous zone. Driving along the road, the driver can "shut down" — less than a minute. This is usually sufficient to enter the oncoming lane, or fly into a tree. And those who survived, saying that before losing consciousness saw a girl in a dress of the bride.
Guys remember that before the highway was forced by wreaths in memory of those killed, but local authorities have removed many that was not entirely gloomy.
In the raid had been with us psychic Nora Zurabyan — it works together with the "hunters." As soon as we got out of the car, I like in the movies, mysteriously asked Nora: "What do you feel?" Psychics had a headache, she clearly felt the presence of an outsider. Vyacheslav Klimov devices confirmed the presence of "evil" — a magnetometer indicators exceeded the norm by almost half.
The next item — apartment poltergeist.
— At night, constantly falling out of his seat every subject, and the dog suddenly screams as if her needle prick — complains landlady Olga.
We did not notice anything, but rates were above normal instrument, except in one place — the iconostasis. Olga from the church disappointed — hang around the house "church stickers," but "strange" is not stopped. "Hunters" promised to come back and help the girl.

Psychic advice

Nora Zurabyan advises:
— Seeing the ghost, do not panic! Do not make any sudden movements, and do not cry!
Read the "Our Father" — the dark forces will be gone, and if the ghost was just to warn you about something, he will go to the contact.
Light a match, a lighter or sprinkle salt around — this will protect you from the dark forces.
Expert Ghosts — in his head!
Yuri Efremov, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences:
— Ghosts do not exist … except that they are in the minds of people.

If your data magnetometer exceeds the norm, this is a lot of other explanations than the existence of some sort of ghosts …

For example, somewhere nearby can pass an electrical cable or conduit, but anything else … And about the ghosts, in my opinion, absolute nonsense!
I do not advise you to be honest at all to deal with this stupid topic. You do not even addressed at! I am a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, and your theme, frankly, is, pardon me, to psychopathology? That is my opinion!

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