Moscow business. Licence to Kill watch online

Moscow business.  Licence to Kill watch online
In September 2006, were shot by unknown deputy chairman of the Russian Central Bank Andrei Kozlov and his driver Alexander Semenov. The first time a modern Our homeland faced with the murder of a bureaucrat as the highest level. Investigators Interior Ministry and Prosecutor General's Office in search of criminals izderzhali a little more than one year, but all were able to find and apprehend the guilty of murder. The Tribunal of the murderers of Andrei Kozlov and his driver was on for 9 months and is constantly accompanied by a resounding scandals. The main accused in the murder — a young banker Alexei Frenkel — forcefully urged referee Natalia Olihver of innocence and no involvement in the crime. He claimed that unwittingly a pawn in someone else's game. Not looking for a thorough job of a regiment of lawyers Frenkel, in November 2008, the Tribunal ended in a conviction.

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