Moscow media reveal Russians eye on Lukashenko

Ongoing information attack Russian media on Alexander Lukashenko. Following the main Russian TV channels articles critical of the Belarusian leader appeared in the newspaper "Izvestia" and "Moskovsky Komsomolets". Is this the beginning of the campaign to discredit the Belarusian authorities?

In the article "Lukabludde" editor in chief of "Izvestia" Vladimir Mamontov refers to the last year's trip in the Russian assault of journalists in Belarus and meet withAlexander Lukashenko. Noting the ability of the Belarusian ruler brainwash the public, Mamontov further writes: "populist game — it is possible in politics. But it must also "lukabludde" somehow correlate with numbers shmatmfilyardnyh Russian subsidies that allow Lukashenko in power in Belarus support not only clean, but also socialism familiar, even improved the Soviet type. In order that bread, milk and cheese from Belarus is not expected in Europe. Nowhere, except Russia, do not wait. " In an interview with "Freedom" Mr. Mamontov turned his thoughts:

"I do not have any clear opinion: good or bad Belarus Belarus, President of Belarus bad or good president of Belarus. In the end, it's not my business, I can only express some opinion. But always consider the complex of certain conditions: and when they wrote, and when they said, and if the oil was sold, and if the gas is sold, and if something agreed, and if the union created. This issue is very complex relationships. So, fraternal, so friendly. But it can be very different nuances. Always happens netting — domestic, by and large, the normal, the political account. And some things can certainly be credited to each other, and some to be enrolled by no means can. And gradually accumulate certain positions that relations between the two countries will sooner or later to some conflicting story will lead. Here, perhaps, now it's happened. Because there is such a thing is dialectical, as the transition from quantity to quality. Perhaps that is what is now happening before our eyes. "

"In Minsk considering banning Russian media" — writes in the article "Minsk massacre telepiloy" journalist "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Igor Karmazin. The author reminds us over the weekend by Lukashenko hit the "heavy artillery": "Gazprom's" NTV film "The Godfather" and the budget «Russia Today» — The plot of "Unbearable Luke." Even before a devastating commentary on Channel made teleanalitiki Mikhail Leontyev. The material is accompanied by a sarcastic caricature on which Lukashenko is depicted as a hideous Gollum from the movie "The Lord of the Rings."

In Russia, in principle, many quite positive about the activities of Lukashenko.

The correspondent of "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Igor Karmazin said that one of the purposes of the massive information campaign — open the eyes of the Russians on the Belarusian reality. In fact, it's the same than before actively engaged Lukashenko, piyarachy itself through the Russian media:

"In Russia, in principle, many quite positive about the activities of Lukashenko. But at the same time they do not know how to give the people of Belarus Lukashenko rule as it relates to the opposition, the difficulties in the economy. The Russians, by and large, see clean roads, the lack of migrant workers — the immediate effects that catch the eye. "

Reporter"With the help of the media to influence the political process in another country?"

"I think that including these techniques can be used by Russian elites to change Lukashenko. Of course, some media is not enough. But basically, as a tool — it's possible. Although the Belarusian Television and NTV showed films and "Russia Today", though quite a number of people in Belarus have the opportunity to see them through the Internet. I saw that on YouTube tens of thousands of people watched those videos, and Belarusians these movies somehow become known. Although many of the facts were known before, but that time is important here, for the first time in prime time on Sunday, one of the main Russian channels all showed. Previously, this certainly was not. "

Some experts suggested that the Kremlin has given the go-ahead for the change of power in Belarus and now

Rent aware that my forecast is quite pessimistic, but I assume that you have it for life ..

appropriately shape public opinion. The popular satirist, radio and television presenter Viktor Shenderovich as evaluating the possibility of intervention in the affairs of Moscow Belarusian authorities to:

"I think that Alexander G. — fairly advanced case, and now do it much more complex than could have been done 10 years ago. So I do not think that this is no longer able to Moscow. I repeat: we have too long played the love. Rent aware that my forecast is quite pessimistic, but I assume that you have it for life. With all the wishes of health, I do not think that now Moscow will be able to do something real. But my question is not so much a natural to your "parents" as our media, which so suddenly and, as always, on the back admashtsy vision. As if no one knew who the killer is. There was already a movie Khashchavatski! A sudden return of terrible — no matter that this time they accidentally told the truth. "

Lukashenka himself so far silent on the address information attack by Russian media.


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