Movement of passenger ferries suspended because of the storm in Primorye

Movement of passenger ferries and boats to the islands in the Bay of Vladivostok on Wednesday halted due to the storm, according to the city administration.

According Primgidrometa, on Wednesday night in Primorye came cold atmospheric front. At night on the south edge of the rain began in northern snow is expected. On the coast, the wind increased to gale force.

"Vladivostok suspended the movement of maritime passenger transport. This is due to storm winds and strong emotion in Peter the Great Bay and the Golden Horn," — said the mayor's office.

While sending resume flights as yet unknown. About further changes in the schedule of maritime passenger transport residents and guests of Vladivostok are asked to contact the Helpdesk Ltd. "Mortrans."

"However, accessibility is not interrupted by the Russian island: its inhabitants and Palo students to travel from the mainland and back to the cars and buses on the new bridge over the Bosphorus East", — stated in the release.

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