Mystery crawling rocks

October 26, 2011 15:23


In the world there are many secrets and mysteries of nature, which appeal to both scholars and the interest of ordinary people. One of these unsolved mysteries is the process of moving the stones. This geological phenomenon is manifested on the dry lake Racetrack Playa, Death Valley (USA, California). Stones of various sizes, some of the weight to reach 350 kg.

In the motion stones come once in 2-3 years. As they call them: crawling, traveling, dancing, moving, floating. They can move in different directions, some parallel, others in different directions, leaving a trail of swirling lines. Interestingly, the stones from the bottom of the rib moves in a straight line, and those with smooth surface — wander from side to side. But no one has ever seen or recorded by the camera is moving.

Research work was carried out from the end of the 1940s. Test different hypotheses put forward various theories to explain this strange phenomenon. The general concept is as follows. In the rainy season in the southern part of the lake collects water, wind distributes it to the surface, causing the surface of the clay soak so that sharply reduced the coefficient of friction. This allowed the wind to shift even large stones from the spot. The movement of stones depends on what part of the lake they are, because the wind there is behaving unusually. Because of the geometry of the mountains that surround the lake dried up, the wind is divided into two streams. And, so the stones, which are located on different sides of the lake, moving in different directions. And at the center of these flows occur, twisted into a mini-tornado, which makes the stones turn. But even after these explanations are still many questions. It is unclear why the stones that stand together, moving in different directions. Why stones are scattered across the surface, because the regular winds would have to distribute the bulk of the boulders at the edge of a lake? Why do some rocks moving, and not others? If stones could talk! While there, you'd better not! That would be too much, and so quite mysteries of nature!

Look at photos, which recorded these gems:

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