Name That Tune (many editions) watch online

Name That Tune (many editions) watch online
Music and entertainment show "Name That Tune" can safely be called one of the most popular games of the First Channel.
Can there be different if it is a unique and charismatic Valdis Pelsh? Specifically, he inspects zaniya music players of the game and gives to exchange gifts.
The game sees the fate of three players, of which only one, the most knowledgeable and gifted, will participate in Supergame and break a big jackpot! It really does not have to yawn, because of the fact, that guess seven songs from all finalists have only half a minute!
TV game "Name That Tune" was the latest brainchild of the famous journalist and presenter Vladislav Listyev which raised his enormous contribution to the development of veselitelnyh programs in the emerging post-Soviet times, Russian television.

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