Nandelsblatt: Russians immoral behavior

German economic publication Nandelsblatt received confirmed information concerning several persons "indecent proposal" Gazprom addressed the German company RWE. Its essence is that the Germans have joined the Russian project "South Stream", scotching another project of gas transportation in the EU — "Nabucco". The Russian side says RWE finest prospects in its own project and scary at the same time the German concern the difficulties of negotiations with gas suppliers for the "Nabucco" — Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

According Nandelsblatt, "Gazprom's group of" South Stream "wants to diversify Russian gas supplies to Europe. Russians aim is to reduce the importance of Belarus and Ukraine as a transit country for the supply of fuel. For the same reason, Gazprom together with firms Eon, BASF and other building pipeline "Nord Stream", which is directly across the Baltic Sea to join the Russian supplier to Western Europe. "

In the German concern about relations with Gazprom did not confirm this.

"We stand for the" Nabucco "and see no other rational project equal to him," says the RWE.

According Nandelsblatt "If RWE will come out of the project, the chances of" Nabucco "will be equal to zero"

"Nabucco" should pass through Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria. By 2015 it is planned to carry through to 8 billion cubic meters of gas.

"South Stream" will be held from Siberia through the Black Sea to Bulgaria and further divided into two areas: the southern Italy and Austria.

"The proposal is for Gazprom RWE plan" B ", although the concern for" South Stream "is less interesting than the" Nabucco ". It is much more expensive," writes Handelsblatt.


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