Nasha Niva had disappeared on the way to the newsstands

Did not hit the newsstands latest issue of the weekly "Nasha Niva". According to the editorial, the newspaper usually goes on sale on Wednesday, but the number is not reached readers even today. This is despite the fact that on Wednesday the newspaper came from the press, and in the "Belsajuzdruk" claim that the wholesale warehouse edition also received.

In the vast majority of the capital stalls, "Nasha Niva" did not appear until Friday. Kiyaskerki just shrug, saying there is nothing intelligent about it no one explained. Declined to comment, and the office of "Belsajuzdruk", saying that he entered a room and this time structure is empty. On the next move of the newspaper in the department do not know anything.

Meanwhile Editorial able to gather information from regional offices "Belsajuzdruk" that differ significantly. So, in "Minoblsoyuzpechati" and "Brestoblsoyuzpechati" reported that this week, "Nasha Niva" they have not been, and it was not in the overhead. In Mogilev branch said it was only false, but the paper itself is not waited. In Vitebsk and Gomel assured that the publication was received by the kiosks without delay, although readers of regional centers and other towns to buy it and could not.

Chief editor of "Nasha Niva" Andrei Dynko inclined to believe that the cause was the disappearance of circulation of contents and dedicated to information attack on Lukashenko from the Russian media:

today will file a complaint with the prosecutor's office …

"As of today, the newspaper also never been on sale — either in Minsk or in the regions. B" Belsajuzdruk "only say that the newspaper received a wholesale warehouse. And then she had disappeared. Course, this was done for some -then the order was done in an organized, as the expedition — this is a technical process. Drivers not only receive a "Nasha Niva" while razvozyatstsa dozens of products. But not only received "Nasha Niva." Therefore, we will investigate and today will file a complaint with the prosecutor's office . "

Reporter: "You think that was the cause of the disappearance of the contents of numbers?"

"Given that this situation was not even once in the two years after the return of newspapers in the sale, we believe that the content of the newspaper has caused a nervous reaction. Main Title -" The Godfather capitulated. "The material was told that Belarus has signed a Customs Union by unfavorable conditions themselves after the film about Lukashenka on NTV ".

In November 2008, after three years, as a result of "convergence" positions of Belarus and the European Union, some independent newspapers were able to return to the state distribution system. But, says Andrew Dynko, the case of "Nasha Niva" clearly indicates the whole vmovnasts "liberal thaw" the Belarusian leadership:

"The situation is paradoxical in its own way. The least of these methods have not been used previously. Still three years we never should have been distributed, and now allegedly allowed but one taken separately room disappeared. How do you mean? For us in this situation, there is a certain black humor, because it happened just the day of arrival in Belarus European Commissioner for Neighborhood Stefan Fule. This is despite the fact that "Nasha Niva" and returned to the newsstands actually pressure the European Union. And now — such a coincidence. "

Experts predict that the reason for analizavannya Belarusian-Russian relations will not be less. In the editorial Russian media say directly: a critical campaign in relation to the senior management of Belarus has just begun. In the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" said that with the approach of the presidential election flow "revelatory material" about Belarus will increase:

"In our articles just stated this version: the approaching elections, and this is only the first steps in Moscow to ensure that the start action against the Belarusian president. That is an objective need to wait for the new" attachment. "When goals are really far-reaching, the continuation of necessary will. Perhaps not in the information field, in a friend, but a sequel, of course, has to be. 'Cause if it's all just remain at the level of the two films and a few articles, up to February, when the elections should take place, no effect of not to be. "

Russian journalist Vladimir Mamontov said that relations between Moscow and Minsk were so many negatives that turn a blind eye to the controversy has not obtained:

Do you think we've always been happy with such ambiguous (to say the least) attitude towards Russia? …

"Of course, all this has accumulated over many years. Do you think we've always been happy with such ambiguous (to say the least) attitude towards Russia? If you, Russia, all forbid, but to support you, I will not, because I was that one not satisfied, then the other. regime That you have not the same, the oligarchs you very much, then you're wrong about the people you care. And here I am all right, let me in Russia porukovodit. Like, I'll go a lot better than you do it driving. Why not? Well, if you are against, then I'm sorry: strange union, not in our favor. So, friends, and so he, the union, the strange turns out! "

As a confirmation of these words, another article on the subject of Belarus under the title "From love to hate," which today published the "Izvestia".


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