Nation on vacation. Gathers strength

Mina has fully zadumlenastsi and concerns. And somewhere in the background, people bustling, busy with their own affairs. A picture caption: "The people rejoiced, and the king of work."

Yakub Kolas. At the crossroads

I do not remember our Belarusian President when serving on vacation. It seems he is always there, incessant and hard working as Zyuzina liver. For example, they write that it is, for example, in March in Venezuela is not very hard working and regularly travels back and forth in the mode of a mini vacation. But what that vacation! In order to completely forget the outside world, on the management of care and the case — unless it is? Hardly.

And we, the ordinary citizens take the opportunity (which gradually becomes a duty) to carry on blithely apolitical life. Usually we announce something like "sleep, residents of Baghdad — all is quiet!" Occasionally a moment awake to announce that the recent 'sister and mother "Russia criticizes President, "It offends all Belarusian people. " Humiliated and abudzhany waving his head, rolled his shoulders and removed again in their domestic holidays.

Meanwhile happened a surprise (though quiet, do not even need an exclamation point on the end of a sentence) is, "Kyrgyz issue" leadership and the nation to decide if looking from different planets. These interesting results brought the June survey, made by the Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies. Scientists have not yet finished processing the data, but with the previous figures are available on the site organization, but think about it: only 23.2 percent of respondents supported their president in the opinion that in Kyrgyzstan should be classified as "anti-constitutional coup", 47.2 percent believe their popular uprising against a corrupt government. And this despite the fact that the credibility of the official agencies and international policies of the state is traditionally high.

Why suddenly cut diamond run against?

Nation-vassal rest of the management of the case, from the tedious effort of decision-making …

At this point, the official discourse came into conflict with its own core "state of the masses". Even before the official media were treated to events such as the Kyrgyz uprising much more favorably. For example, when a series of riots in 1996 in Argentina involved in the resignation of the Minister of Economy Domingo coffee, Belarusian TV heartily supported the insurgents and was branded "anti-people regime." And today … Well, of course.

But if anything has changed in the understanding of the sovereignty of the people, it is only in the minds of the official ideology. It seems that although people took in a serious relationship formula of the "state of the masses", in which the nation and the state, there are "nerazdelna th nyazlitna." As unpretentious medieval peasants, who could quietly do their thing on the divine land, and the pan while making his knight: Protects and not very catchy. Nation-vassal rest of the management of the case, from the tedious effort of decision-making, but wants to retain the right to direct action to change the government.

Very naive to rely on the public activity of the masses as soon as today. No one volunteered with well-deserved break is not going to work — even in public — if not involving all hands or excessive belongings. Thoughts have gathered enough, the forces amassed, there is still a little time to resolve to develop.


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