National newspaper and the People's Will: where more truth?

Where more of the truth — in the "Narodnaya Gazeta" or "People's Will?" Answers Grodno passersby.

Young people: "Newspapers do not have time to read. And the truth is probably in the "People's Will" more, more trust. We read the newspapers, but often it turns out some "Hand in Hand" reading, not a newspaper. "

Young people:
"I would say that the truth is everywhere, in the first place. As for the opposition, then maybe something is right there …"

Young people: "Of course, it is better to read" The People's Will. "And I do not read the newspaper, to be honest. More Internet trust, where you can compare and choose the option objective. and others look at the official NOT get along, because there is no sense to look for proper information. "

Young people: "Where is more truth in these two papers? And there, and there a little, right? But I'll tell you the day before the election, it is necessary to elect another president. Younger, more promising should the president, that's what I wish. And the truth, I I think we will not hear anywhere else. "

Man: "I do not know, do not read the newspapers. Hard to say who I trust …"

Man: "You know, I do not read them. Earlier, the" People's Will "bought, and then began her sight. Now, just no time to read, a lot of work. And the truth they write fifty-fifty."

Man: "First of all, the paper — it is a source of information. Better to take the information from both sides, the very analyze, compare and draw conclusions. My mother writes," People's Will ", so I'm from time to time, read it, and the" People's Newspaper "does not I read "subscribe" Arguments and Facts ".

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