Nazarbayev: the WTO members of the Customs Union will go together

This was in Astana Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Also, First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov told journalists that the negotiating group, established in 2009, is continuing negotiations with the U.S. and the EU.

The statement quoted Nazarbayev learned:

"One of the main objectives of the work carried out within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Community, of course, is to strengthen the positions of the members of the community in international trade relations. In this context, we welcome the work of a single negotiating delegation, ensuring the process of accession of the Member States Customs Union in consolidated terms, we used to have agreed. "

Newer first vice-chairman Government of Russia Igor Shuvalov told journalists that "the negotiating group, established in 2009have continued to negotiate with the U.S., EU and other trading partners as agreed common positions for entry into the WTO. "

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