Near Ryazan found anomalous zone

June 30, 2012 15:11

Sand dunes, intricately curved trees and mysterious atmosphere — near Ryazan found anomalous zone — the so-called Fefelov boron. This forest, close to the district Kanishcheva attracts fans otherworldly.

Parapsychologist Andrei Zenkov cautious approach to this tree. Said when I was here last time, in this place he suddenly fell ill.

According to him, the beginning of heart pounding. Walked on two feet — ceased returned — and the pain returned. Explanation of what is happening in Fefelova forest for several years looking for parapsychologists from across Russia.

The reason for the study area are the stories of those who have visited here. According to people who pursued their anxiety. While there is no scientific explanation for this, but there is a hypothesis. Thus, according to one version — forestry invisible "something" — a bundle of energy, the source of which is sand — it is proved that the dunes have the ability to move.

When you move the sand rub, causing the energy that moves in the environment. On itself its people feel as warm or cold waves and blackouts.

In a sandy forest also recorded sharp magnetic fluctuations. Presumably, the wave is curved branches of pine trees at the roots. Biologists are not in a hurry to confirm the relationship is over and speculate.

By assumption, Zenkov by changing magnetic background and the trees are changing. Tree forked branches grow up dramatically. Such trees in the forest of the same size lot. Perhaps this is a surge of negative energy.

How far is negative aura spreads, researchers judged not count. Fefelov forest a few kilometers from the residential neighborhood Kanishcheva, which is surrounded by fields and ponds. In 2004, there were excavations found an ancient burial ground.

If the power of the forest somehow affect the state and behavior of the people, it is not associated with the culture of leisure. Like a normal forest, in this enchanted forest scattered plastic bottles and cigarette packs.

They are left to rest, which does not scare stories about strange things happening in the forest. Parapsychologist Andrei Zenkov plans to return to the place already with the equipment that would understand what is happening, try to see the world of shadows and if it really exists to show it to everyone.

Maria Shevchenko, Sergei literate

Ryazan. TV "Oka"

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