New life is not fine canceled


The Supreme Court upheld the decision of the court of the Moscow district of Minsk, which fined the church "New Life" by 8.75 million rubles.

This is stated in the decree signed by Deputy Chairman Supreme Court Valeria Kalinkovichi, July 12 is received in the office of the religious community

Lawyer church Sergei Lukanin said, in a written ruling that the Supreme Court has no reason to allow the appeal of the church.

In 2009Conservation Committee in Minsk city executive committee drew up a report, which indicated that the soil in the area around the church has a high oil content and that it is to blame the church.

In court, church officials have stated that the Conservation Committee made the soil samples adjacent to the church building site without the knowledge of the church and without witnesses. So do not prove that the samples were taken just at church.

In court Lukanin also argued that prior to the acquisition of the former church building next to the barn was unauthorized city dump in including old cars, but because if the sample and truthful, contamination could have happened long ago. And the land is not owned by the church and the city. When her master legally — Minsk city executive committee, and therefore the claim and shall be exhibited to him.

However, no representative of the Church of the arguments the judge failed to take into consideration.

The conflict between the authorities in Minsk and "New Life" continues for 5 years.

Believers are suing the government from 2005, when they took the land and building (a former collective farm barn on the outskirts of Minsk). They held a hunger strike and held talks with the government. Believers are offered compensation of 37 million rubles.


New Life

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