No weapons of genocide!

The government resumed his tobacco. The reasons are simple and easily understood. Over the past 20 years in Russia died from smoking around 6 million people. The annual death rate in 1990 rose to 200 000. And if the numbers make sense given the softness of the Russian legislation — we get this report from the battlefield.
Prepared by the Ministry of Health anti-smoking bill would ban:

— on smoking in public places
— the sale of cigarettes in the stalls
— a demonstration of tobacco products and smoking process

And though there was much discussion in the community offer Gennady Onishchenko — disable show favorite movie stars with a cigarette or a pipe — it is only of the new audio-visual products for children. Completely would be adopted only in 2015. And if all of the provisions will be approved — smokers in Russia waiting for hard times, according to Pravda.Ru.

So far, the government has to consider the anti-smoking law is rushing quickly to the State Duma he was in the period established by the President, by November 1 of this year. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev before the Ministry of Health supported the proposed measures in the video. Doctors, human rights activists and the business community as a whole positive about the bill.

But do not forget that during the implementation of the new anti-smoking policy will be violated Rule 44 million smokers. And even though everyone knows that nicotine is a poison-formal sale of tobacco and cigarettes in Russia is not prohibited. And our legislation does not yet have the ability to punish smokers rubles: for this it will need to make some amendments.

Opponents of the new law insist on its public discussion, and clearly set to defend their rights to the habit. President, government and parliament, in turn, are set to speedy implementation of the project. Citizens who do not smoke, they want to have their health is not threatened by passive smoking.

Smoking is no longer fashionable! It is a pity that so slow these laws are being introduced …

By the way, is also not thump fashionable. What you all and congratulations!

In Russia in 2020, the price of a bottle of vodka could rise to an average of 1 thousand rubles.

This forecast was made head of the Center for Development of National Alcohol Policy Pavel Shapkin at the "round table" on "The Situation in the alcohol market of Russia" in Moscow on Friday, reports the "Voice of Russia".

"Right now the minimum price of a bottle of vodka is defined at 125 rubles per 0.5 liter vodka is sold in stores for 200-300 rubles, in 2020 retail price may rise to an average of 1 thousand rubles," — he said.

According to him, this is consistent with the objectives, which are set in the concept of alcohol policy of the country and are aimed at reducing alcohol consumption.

Referring to the data of experts, he said that Russia is in fourth place in the world for the consumption of alcohol after Moldova, Germany and the Czech Republic.

In 2011, the consumption of pure alcohol per capita in the Russian Federation, including infants and the elderly, was 15.75 liters. These experts disagree with Rosstat, which measures the rate of 10 liters.

As noted Shapkin 2020 consumption should be reduced by half, then there should be no more than 8 liters per person.

Shapkin said that the last time the government has taken several measures to strengthen state regulation of the alcohol market, the establishment of order in it.

In particular, these measures "tough market concentration, the rigors of work on it." One result of this, he said, was a reduction of almost twice the number of producers of alcohol, and 40% — the number of wholesale companies. "Since the beginning of this year, about a third of the number of sellers of alcoholic beverages," — he said.

In addition, from January 1, 2013 the excise tax on alcohol will rise by 34%, from the same date become operational restrictions on alcohol advertising in the media.

According Shapkina, now there is a harmonization of alcohol excise duties in the Customs Union, and in 2020 their rate would be approximately the same — in the range of 20 euros per 1 liter of absolute alcohol.

However Shapkin believes that "unprecedented tight regulation of the alcohol market and that the price of vodka could rise by 2020 to one thousand, which suggests a rather serious intensification of the black market."

"The more stringent measures, the more problems that are associated with the development of this market segment," — he said. Moreover, said Shapkin shadow market in recent years has seriously changed.

"This is not the taxi drivers and the grandmother in the metro, it is quite high-tech market, there are many online stores that may not comply with any age or other restrictions in the sale of products," — he said, noting that the state could seriously lose taxation.

However, said Shapkin avoid this allows the introduction of additional measures to enhance the responsibility for the production and trafficking of alcoholic beverages, which are being developed in the legislative arena.

In particular, the high expectations he places on the distribution of the Unified State Automated Information System (EGAIS) for the retail sale of alcohol.

"Now in the Moscow region pilot project, which involved 20 stores, it shows good results," — he said.

According to the data from January to August this year, the total volume of alcohol consumed by Russians 49% of the vodka, "Interfax".

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