Novosibirsk was liligrenok rehabilitation after surgery on leg

A six-month liligrenok Kiara, a cross between a lion and ligritsy, went through the process of rehabilitation after a complicated surgery on a broken leg and feels good, told RIA Novosti Head of Section feline Novosibirsk Zoo Rose Solovyov.

Kiara broken leg in November, when the cage climbed a tall tree and fell to two meters. Veterinarians found that there was a middle segment of bone fracture of the right forearm with a significant angular displacement. Rare cat under anesthesia surgeons operated veterinary clinic. Fracture of titanium plates secured with two dozen titanium screws.

"The process (rehabilitation) went well, all grown together. She recovered and feels great. Now impossible to distinguish on which leg was broken," — said Solovyov.

According to her, the rehabilitation took place in the same way as it does in children. Kiara to make less active movements, she was placed in a small room, creating a limited space. Food she was given with calcium and phosphorus, bone to recover faster. Kiara also regularly inspect the surgeon who did the operation.

"Baby, of course, would as much as possible to run and jump, and we are forced to ensure that it does not run, she was keeping his foot", — said Head of the Section of felines.

After the completion of the rehabilitation Kiara transferred to another more spacious enclosure. Judging by the way she actively playing, jumping on it can not be said that she recently had an operation.

Focused attention to Chiari due to the fact that the very ligritsa mother liligrenka — a unique animal that is considered the pride of the Novosibirsk zoo. She was born in 2004 from the union of the African lion and Bengal tiger. The open nature of the sort happens, as lions and tigers produce pairs with members of their own species.

As born August 16 was a cross between a cat and a lion Liger, the press dubbed him liligrom. And, apparently, is the name for a new kind of animal will remain so. Although zoo staff say that such a name in science does not officially exist.

Media reported that Kiara — the world's liligrenok. Zoo staff say they have no evidence that ever uttering Ligers offspring.

Liligrenok Kiara looks much like her mother — she has the same color of the body, which at the same time there are signs of a lion and a tiger.

It is planned that in the spring of the grown liligrenka be transferred to an aviary in the street, and winter animals spend in a warm room.

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