Novozibkov: The Customs Union has canceled a rut

Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, which came into effect from July 6, while not particularly affected the organization of control on the Belarusian-Russian border. This is evidenced by the Belarusian truckers who carry goods in Russia through Novozybkovsky customs post. Report from the Navazybkava.

This morning Novozybkov customs post, which separates Russia from Belarus, has gathered more than a dozen truckers. With loads they were guided to the territory of a neighboring state.

Narrating driver from Kalinkovichi:

"As it was, and remains, a Christmas tree green. Look — out" track "is. Again go to the customs and everything is made out. All the same!"

At the customs booth

Kalinkovichy driver's mate on the flight, Mr. Vladimir explained that the "track" — a queue. And all this does not feel the actions of the new Customs Code, the ratification of which were forced to sign Alexander Lukashenko.

"Nothing works — absolutely. Everything is as it was, and remains. All by weight, all customs checks as necessary. Decoration is the same as what it was — no change.'s Pipes We're bringing in Sochi for the Olympics, the Olympic construction. Now a little "track" has decreased, but it is — all means. Here is a live example — there is a turn around the booth. All on clearance, all — Belarusians ".

Drivers, standing near the customs booth and are awaiting review, say that in the This year, in Belarusian-Russian relations actually dispensed only the paperwork for the temporary importation of vehicles. Other innovations in the Auto Transition drivers do not observe. A queue when a lot of typed freight transport, has everything — not only Belarusians.

Tells about Russian Viktor driver of the Krasnodar region:

"Although what the driver will be — a Pole, Latvian, Lithuanian, Belarusian or Russian though, there is no difference. One place! Everyone stands. Myself and three, and four hours standing.

Just as was the Customs Code, but have not yet implemented. It is necessary to implement it yet — it will take another six months, at least. "

Russian customs officers on duty today Novozybkov post, no comment on the work in Customs Union do not want to give — advised to go to the Bryansk customs, which are subject to:

"It's in the city of Bryansk — street Fokine, 121. While we are working for the regulatory framework that we have."



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