Number of mental disorders in Europe is growing

The results of recent studies of German psychologists have shown that about 160 million Europeans suffer from mental illnessabout 40 percent of the population of Europe. According to the German weekly Der Spiegel, sociologists from Dresden made a list, which includes the most common mental illness that affects people of Europe.

Employees of the Dresden University of Technology say that more than 162 million people throughout Europe are suffering from mental illness. Most of them are the result of epidemics of depression and drug abuse, shaking Europe for many years. German sociologists have analyzed the data on the mental health of Europeans gathered in 30 EU countries, as well as Iceland, Switzerland and Norway, concluded that more than 40 percent of Europeans, immediately seek help from a psychiatrist.

On the basis of these data, researchers compiled a list of diseases that afflict the population of Europe. About 14 percent of Europeans suffer bouts of unjustified fear. About 7 percent of the population suffer from frequent and sometimes prolonged depression and insomnia. 4 per cent of Europeans are sick of drug and alcohol addictions. In addition, 5 percent of teens under the age of 17 years fall into the hospital due to lack of attention from adults. On top of that 30 percent of elderly dementia or, in other words, the age-related loss of memory, accompanied by a decrease of interest in life, and senile dementia.

The main reason of such statistics psychologists believe quite poor medical care in some regions. According to them, the authorities should thoroughly inform people about the symptoms and treatments of these diseases. Moreover, according to the researchers, patients often do not want to or are afraid to admit the need for recourse. According to the researchers, because of such wide distribution of mental disorders Europe applied enormous economic losses — about 385 billion euros a year.

Although the numbers and statistics are not encouraging, there is little we can do. What to speak about mental illness, if the usual treatment of sinusitis can be a huge problem, which due attention should be paid to all doctors. Especially if a child has sinusitis. It could be alarm bells that you should pay particular attention to the health of offspring.

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