OBORONSOFT demonstrated new development

OBORONSOFT demonstrated new development
In May of this year was held in suburban Bronnitsi demo showing modern and promising models of military equipment auto Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

The event recognized the Russian developer of advanced learning technologies JSC «Corporation OBORONSOFT» for the first time revealed its latest development — an electric plate, which is one of the main parts of the Workshop Information System maintenance and repair of weapons and military equipment (AME) motorized infantry (tank) battalion (MTO-UB1). On reaching the brand new «Russian Arms» said CTO Enterprise Victor Kovalenko.

«Electronic tablet, which is a fundamental element of our vast complex information management processes to ensure the maintenance and repair of weapons and military equipment, we present for the first time» — said the representative of the management company.

The plate serves to increase the efficiency of the workshop crew during maintenance and repair of equipment. As highlighted Kovalenko, «is a kind of cheat sheet for those involved in the process and doing some work.» He noted that in addition to the electric tablet important role in the process of maintenance and repair of vehicles play «animated routings.»

Workshop information system created for the serious compliance entire process chain, is considered a large amount of very different disk imaging. It stores and can be used, according to Kovalenko, the data from the device’s features and operation of a specific reference to the issues of the use of military hardware, equipment and tools workshop used in maintenance, repair and disposal.

Technical Director explained that in order to increase the efficiency of their development they are in continuous and improved based on the comments of customers and experience of troops. This contributes to more frisky and effective training of professionals that make up the repair organs. As a result, increases the quality of their work in the maintenance and repair of equipment by eliminating the incorrect actions and violations of technological processes.

Responding to questions from the news agency «Russia’s Arms,» ​​Kovalenko explained that at one time workshop MTO UB1 passed type tests and has been approved by its grade. The following year, at the request of customers and taking into account their observations were carried out appropriate improvements, which have found their reflection in the «animated» routings. Specifically, they explained the specials, allow a perfectly rational and time to do all the work specified process.

OBORONSOFTA representative explained that «electronic plate with workshop MTO UB1 was tested during military exercises, which were held in 2012 at the site CHebarkul.» The results of these tests the device within the set of the workshop it was decided to supply. At the request of the Ministry of Defense, who have shown interest in the development of enterprises, the ability of the complex has been expanded. So, now an opportunity to lead and forms the electrical forms and passport service workshop on technology and service books. «That is, there is now the possibility of creating an initial base for the upcoming electrical work planning and execution, provided the process» — allocated Kovalenko.

Enabling electric plate in the kit shop MTO UB1 — first precedent indicating the prospects of development and the ability of its practical use troop repair authorities. Kovalenko believes that such tablets may be used as part of other information systems for maintenance and repair of cars and other types of «work on their creation is already underway.» A company representative explained that the workshop MTO UB1 versatile and provides all-encompassing service and repair about 8 types of weapons and military equipment, including armored vehicles (tanks T-72, T-80, T-90, BMP, BTR) and auto technology.

In Bronnitsi machine was demonstrated fully assembled with the most progressive elements. Among their technical director said provision of information, diagnostic equipment, effective aerial lifts and other special devices. «Such equipment significantly reduces overall labor costs and the number of processes involved in a number of people with 3 to one,» — said Kovalenko.

JSC «Corporation OBORONSOFT» develops and puts into practice the promising techniques and technical training professionals operating, maintenance and repair of weapons and military equipment. Works for the Ministry of Defence and other Russian power structures.

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