Olga Karach Beltelekom denies that belies Karatch

One of the founders of the independent newspaper "Vitebsk Courier" Olga Karach says Vitebsk branch Beltelekom excommunicated's independent newspaper for political reasons, and not at the request of shareholders, "VC".

July 8 Beltelekom issued a statement in which refuted previous statements Olga Karach that disabled the website of the newspaper under a new law about Internet regulation.

"In the address of the company received a report 30.06.2010 CJSC" Publishing house "Vitebsk Courier" to terminate the contract for the provision of telecommunications services and all amendment thereto with the Vitebsk branch of "Beltelecom" from July 5 2010 in connection with the decision of the general meeting of shareholders of "publishing house" Vitebsk Courier. " In this regard, we pay attention the fact that the termination of the contractual relationship with the Vitebsk branch of "Beltelecom" has exclusively economic motives and committed at the initiative of the customer, "- says in a statement Beltelekom.

"It was a shock to know that someone has sent a paper" — confessed Karachi.

"If this paper appeared, I can not think of any other way but to pressure on shareholders. Decision was unlawful because there was no meeting of the shareholders," — she added.

Website publication "Vitebsk Courier" stopped working on July 6.

"We do not re-register. We did not file documents. In a way we did it on purpose, as the newspaper could not get reception. And new rules to regulate the Internet — it is a serious restriction on freedom of speech. But we did not think we would be cut off so fast "- was recognized previously Karachi.

The new law about the regulation of the Internet began to operate in Belarus on July 1.


Karachi, Vitebsk Courier

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