On Izhevsk CHPP-1 (Udmurtia) ends of the massive installation of equipment

Prior to the completion of the combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) at Izhevsk CHPP-1 remains several months. To meet the deadline, here are working in shifts of about 900 people. Who finishes the last assembly of large equipment — transformers.

Transformers needed to convert the AC voltage supplied from the generator turbines are for basic equipment of a new power unit. Total station on their planned 17. The two largest, weighing 106 and 175 tons, will "prepare" for the issue of electricity into the network, increasing the voltage to the level of 110 kW.

They are made specifically for the project Izhevsk largest domestic manufacturers of electrical equipment. Transformer gas turbine produced by JSC "Togliatti Transformer" Transformer steam turbine — the plant "UralEnergotyazhMash."

To deliver these giants to the "destination" of the main building near the University, specialists had to lug them on specially built tracks with the help of cranes and hoists, and often manually. Installation lasted a few weeks, and now transformers finally put in place and ready to go.


Also, the station is being installed two step-down transformers for their own needs — primary and backup. Each weigh over 40 tons. The main transformer will provide new power electricity for everyday use, and the backup is needed for the plant's safety in case of emergencies.

"At the moment we are almost completely finished installation of equipment at the main electrical enclosures and new power — said the chief engineer of the project Alexey Ushakov. — Who is the basic building forces are concentrated on the construction of two pumping stations and sewage treatment plants. Have to finish everything in time. "

Recall reconstruction Izhevsk CHPP-1 — one of the largest investment projects of regional power, which is estimated at 10.3 billion rubles. Construction of new power stations is a part of the priority investment project IES Holding, and includes the construction of combined-cycle power plants with a total capacity of 230 megawatts. Its implementation will allow a 4-fold increase in the installed electrical capacity Izhevsk CHPP-1 (from 60 MW to 290 MW), the decommissioning of obsolete power generation equipment, 50 per cent lower fuel consumption and improve the overall efficiency of the plant.

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