On Kachkanarsky GOK commissioned excavator EKG-12A, manufactured by URALMASH

On the south western deposits career Kachkanar commissioned excavator EKG-12A, manufactured by URALMASH. New excavator was the first car launched in the framework of modernization Kachkanar. In May, the KGOK will put another Uralmash excavator EKG-12A. The contract for the supply of two excavators was signed in January 2011


For URALMASHZAVOD new backhoe became the tenth work machine of this type and the first of a series of modernized Uralmash EKG-12A. This excavator is embodied most modern technical solutions and ideas. Thus, the machine is equipped with a new system of electric transistor, which saves energy, increase machine life, reduce maintenance time and technical, as well as to improve noise and vibration characteristics.

In addition, an excavator fitted with advanced automatic protection system and experienced cabin with windows and air-purification system from harmful contaminants slaughter. Excavator equipped with one of the largest information systems. For example, in addition to traditional information about the work e main and auxiliary drives, mechanical equipment! tion, lubrication, temperature, etc., output to the computer screen, today machinists can also see an image that is transmitted directly from the four cameras mounted on the sides of the excavator in the back and underneath.

From May excavator began full operation. The plan to develop a new excavator is 200-240 tons of ore per month.

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