On Lesogorskaya hydro test completed next new GA

On Lesogorskaya Vuoksinskie hydropower plant cascade OAO "TGC-1" in the Leningrad region has successfully completed comprehensive testing of a new hydroelectric power 29.5 MW.

Basic equipment and automated control systems of the new turbine in the tests for 72 hours worked in a normal mode. Currently, hydroelectric power provides a unified energy system of the North-West, received permission to enter into operation.

According to Vladimir Tsvetkov, head of the department of capital construction projects of JSC "TGC-1", "in the process of designing and installation of new machinery has been applied in practice, a number of unparalleled technical solutions. With the modernization of the delivery made automatic process control system that allows you to remotely perform starts and monitor the work of hydraulic units from a single control center anywhere in the country. "

This is the third Lesogorskaya new hydroelectric power plant and the sixth — in the framework of the project for reconstruction of two hydro power plants cascade Vuoksinskie providing for the replacement of hydraulic 8.

Cascade Vuoksinskie HPS JSC "TGC-1" is located in the Vyborg district of Leningrad region on the river Vuoksa (the most powerful river of the Karelian Isthmus, flows out of Lake Saimaa in Finland and empties into Lake Ladoga). Formed in August 1949 on the basis of Lesogorskaya Svetogorskaya and hydroelectric power plants. The company is the basic source of power for the Karelian Isthmus, exercising power generation to transmission to the national grid in the region and meet the peak daily load energy. Hydroelectric dams also perform the function of a bridge — on paved road crossing it.

The first new hydroelectric Vuoksinskaya Cascade — at Svetogorskaya plant — was commissioned in May 2009. Complete the modernization of the Cascade is expected in 2013. Implementation of the project is carried out with the active support of the controlling shareholder of the Company — LLC "Gazprom energy" (100% subsidiary of OAO "Gazprom").

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