On Malyshevskoye field SUE Kaliningrad Amber Factory is sourced pound emerald

In the Sverdlovsk region on the conveyor izumrudoizvlekatelnoy factories, raised among rocks, pipeline engineer Tatyana Sorokina found a huge emerald.


Find is an extremely beautiful emerald ore — a precious crystal in the rock. Total weight of 1011 grams of ore, including the estimated weight of emerald is 1000 grams.

Characteristics of stone are: quality — grade 2, that is translucent, color — Class 1, that is dark green. Discovery falls under the criteria of unique and its assessment carried out by specialists GOKHRAN.

"On the market value of a rare ore talk is premature. Let's wait for the commission's findings GOKHRAN. Ural emeralds have long been known throughout the world, they appreciate the jewelers for a rare, unique shade ", — said Yuri Mukhin, general director of the State Unitary Enterprise" Kaliningrad Amber Factory ", which is owned and Malyshevskoe field.

It should be noted that in August 2012 on Malyshevskoye emerald-beryllium deposit was mined in the decade's largest emerald weighing 637 grams, he got his own name "Jubilee", in honor of the 65th anniversary of the Amber complex.

Kilogram emerald ore name is not selected.

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