On Mars, found blueberries

September 17, 2012 14:39

NASA scientists have pictures of mysterious spherical bodies from the Red Planet, was formed during the humid climate.
On Mars, found blueberries Mars rover Opportunity, NASA launched back in 2004, sent to Earth with new images of the Red Planet and forced scientists to puzzle over the next puzzle. On the photos show small spherical bodies, resembling not a drop, not bubbles. Experts have already dubbed them the Martian "blueberries" and suggested that the find could be proof of the existence of life on the planet.
"Blueberry" is actually a brownish-black color Zheleznyak — hematite. It should be noted that the iron mineral was found in the beginning of the expedition Opportunity, but then scientists have been unable to determine what the rover found. Now, researchers have lifted the veil of secrecy and believe that the mysterious balls were formed during the wet climate on the red planet. Now Martian soil is saturated with minerals, of which, according to the theory, and there were spherical objects about three millimeters in diameter. And the experts say: that they were formed by water and inhabited in her germs.

Researchers have called shots, "blueberry" the most incredible in the history of the mission Opportunity. And while scientific minds wondering how through chemical reactions get these weird balls, the mysterious objects might send the other rover — Curiocity, recently started its work and has already made several amusing pictures.

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