On Mytishchi spoil disposal Korgashino launched a new sorting line

The new sorting line running from landfills "Korgashino" in Mytishchi district. Commissioning of the modern automatic line German-French production was the final stage in the equipment transfer station, built at the landfill site.


"Line of garbage sorting was acquired in 2012 with funding from the district administrations Mytischinskogo and urban settlements Mytishchi — said the director of the MUP" Polygon "Nicholas Zagoruiko. — In January of this year we began to test it. "

Sorting line as a pipeline through which moves waste stream. Workers manually choose the landfill solid waste suitable for remanufacturing. Are selected paper, plastic, aluminum cans, rags — a total of 16 fractions. They are sorted separately.
In the process of sorting do not form suitable for further use of waste. They fall into the automatic press, annual production capacity of 70 tons per hour. For recycling line is equipped with another press, with capacity up to 60 tons. Press forming briquettes from a sorted collection.

"Filter for processing of secondary raw materials and reduce the amount of solid waste that goes to landfill, — the main task of the new line," — said at the opening ceremony musoroperezagruzochnoy station head of urban settlements Mytishchi Alexander Kazakov.

Polygon "Kargashino", located in the urban settlement Pirogovsky annually receives 100,000 tons of solid waste from all Mytischinskogo area. With the latest technology will decrease the amount of solid waste is about five times that will not only save space, but also increase the life of the landfill.

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