On Neryungi poultry opened the first shop of the second stage

May 11 Neryungi poultry farm inaugurated the 1st workshop of the 2nd turn broiler complex.

In the last 4 years in the capital of South Yakutia has successfully implemented the project "Integrated Development and Reconstruction Neryungi factory farming", which allows fresh chicken not only south of the country, but also its central areas.

Since January 1 this year, the factory produced 15 million eggs, 1,242 tonnes of meat broiler. Today, the NPF are 472,000 chickens, of which 270,000 — broiler.

In the shop for 44 days at the same time you can grow 80,000 broiler chickens. The average carcass weight will be 2.4-2.5 kilograms. Serve huge workshop will be just 2 people.

It is assumed that the 2nd workshop will be launched in September this year. Total Phase 2 includes 4 workshops for growing broiler chickens.

Inside the cells will be grown chickens


Galina Deryagina Deputy General Director for Production

Cut the tape Afanasiev, Andrei Fitisov and Acting Director General of SPC Nicholas Danilov

Workshop equipment designed for 80,000 heads

Talk about far-reaching plans

Builders broiler complex

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