On Nevsky Shipyard launched the Saver Kavdeykina

July 29. On Nevsky Shipyard (GCC) held a launch of the second of a series of multi-function rescue ships — the vessel of MPSV07 "Lifeguard Kavdeykin."   Techno-worker MPSV07 project is developed by "Marine Engineering Bureau — Design — St. Petersburg."

Ltd. "Nevsky Shipyard" is building a series of three multipurpose salvage vessels with high ice class, in accordance with the agreements signed in 2009 and 2010. government contracts. Vessel construction is carried out in the framework of the subprogram "Maritime transport" of the federal target program "Development of transport system of Russia (2010-2015)". The program provides for construction of 4 such courts, 3 of which are already under construction on the Nevsky Shipyard. On completion of the trial will be handed over to the Federal "Gosmorspassluzhba Russia" in order to rescue preparedness to meet the challenges of helping people and vessels in distress at sea, and the elimination of the consequences of maritime accidents in the established search and rescue regions of the Russian Federation. Key Features multipurpose salvage vessel of MPSV07:

overall length of 73 m, length between perpendiculars — 64.4 m, overall width — about 16.6 m, width at the waterline — 15.5 m, draft on waterline — 4.5 m, the workers precipitation — 4-5,1 m , the speed at full speed — 15 knots, autonomy — 20 days; traction on moorings — about 70 tonnes deadweight at maximum draft — 1171 m in the solemn ceremony dedicated to launching the boat on the water, were:

Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC "North-Western Shipping Company" — Kasyanenko Vladimir V. Director of Shipping and shipbuilding activities of "Transport Asset Management" — Bagautdinov Richat Diasovich Managing Director of JSC "North-Western Shipping Company" — Albert N. Vygovsky Deputy Head of the State Maritime Rescue Service — Sergey Belov CEO Nevsky Shipyard — Polushko Andrei Petrovich and other officials.

In their appeals to the plant staff and participants of the ceremony, the guests of honor Nevsky Shipyard thanked plant employees for their hard work and wished to honorably fulfill the order.

In the course of a ceremony launching the boat on the water ceremony of consecration of the vessel, which was conducted father Eugene, a priest Schlusselburg Epiphany Cathedral. After that, according to the shipbuilding tradition, on board the vessel was broken bottle of champagne. Godmother of the vessel was Natalia G. Kurbanalieva, Head of the Legal Department, LLC "Transport Asset Management." Anatoly Kavdeykin

During the war in Vietnam Kavdeykin Anatoly Mikhailovich, born in 1928, worked as a sea captain on ships Expeditionary Rescue Squad ASPTR Far Eastern Shipping Company from 1968 to February 1990 before going on a holiday.

His career Kavdeykin AM began as a sailor in 1944 hydrographic ships of the Navy Pacific Fleet and the Far Eastern Shipping Company. After finishing in maritime education, Kavdeykin AM sailed mate and captain on board of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the Far Eastern Shipping Company.

Over the entire period of the captain in the Far East Shipping Company ASPTR EO showed itself only on the positive side: as a competent skipper, the head of the crew, the organizer, who owned a perfect sea-rescue business, has participated in rescue operations in the Pacific Basin. He took part in the rescue of the M / V "brotherly" (facing the submarines in the Mediterranean Sea), lifting sunken plavprichalov in the Kuril Islands, putting the passenger ship "Turkmenistan", has repeatedly been the chief missions of floating docks on the stretch from the Black Sea to the Far East. Anatoly educated a generation of skippers, many of whom work to date in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Far-BASS".

For participation in the performance of specific flights in the last years of World War II in the Far East Kavdeykin AM awarded two medals "For Victory over Japan" and "For Valiant Labor". From 1969 to 1973 was a captain in the lifeguard "Helios", providing the safety of ships in Vietnamese waters of the USSR, the blocked mine fields.

In the port of Haiphong was awarded the Vietnamese government award — the Medal of "Friendship of Peoples".

Died Kavdeykin AM in 2005

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