On one of the Kuril islands pier is being built to handle fishing vessels

In the bay crab on Shikotan (Lesser Kuril Ridge) for the treatment of elevated pier fishing vessels directly from the shore.

 Photo source:sakhvesti.ru

Construction of a modern hydraulic structure is on the regional project to increase production of marine biological resources in the area of the southern Kuriles.

Putting into operation is planned for later this year. The sea depth at the pier is about 8 m, which will receive and handle vessels of up to 3 tons.

Construction of the pier is just one of the links in the project.
According to the plan Korsakov on Sakhalin Island will be built industrial refrigerator volume of 4 million tons, and in the village Ozyorskoye — a modern canning factory, that is, will be a single technological chain from Shikotan to Sakhalin.

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