On Pauzhetskaya geothermal plant completed a unique operation of the installation of the main equipment of binary block

At the construction site of the binary unit, construction of which is JSC "RusHydro" leads to Ust-Bolsheretsky region of Kamchatka, completed one of the main stages of installation of main power equipment — superheater, evaporator, condenser, turbine generator and receiver tank mounted on concrete foundations.

 Photo source:rushydro.ru

The construction of Russia's first geothermal binary power unit, which is planned to start in late 2011, is near the existing Pauzhetskaya Geothermal Power Plant. This is a pilot project of JSC "RusHydro". His goal — the creation of a pilot geothermal power plant with a binary cycle that can more efficiently use the resources of geothermal fields.

 Photo source:rushydro.ru

This unique operation because the installation of large equipment was made in a limited space. During installation uses two specially made beam (lifting devices) and cranes.
In parallel, the project continues, and other construction works. In particular, the built exhaust manifold, near-station assembly line. The works on the walls of the building facing a binary power plant. At present, experts have begun the installation of auxiliary equipment and piping its pipelines. Concrete work is underway for the production of foundation for auxiliary equipment and the base end of the body. Preparatory work to fill the sub-floor. Commissioning is expected to begin in late September.

After delivery to the Pauzhetskaya geothermal power plant with all the necessary equipment to begin excavation for the construction of water pipeline, as part of the project Upgrade station. The construction of this facility — one of the most labor-intensive operations. The design length of the waterway is 795 meters. The design of water pipeline capacity 2000 m3 / h will ensure an uninterrupted supply of cooling water to the binary power generation capacity of 2.5 MW. To ensure the binary unit coolant started building the pipeline gathering separators with productive wells Pauzhetsky deposits, the total length of the pipeline 2492 meters.
Customer project is of "Renewable Energy Engineering Center" (subsidiary of "RusHydro").
Construction of a binary power plants do not require additional exploration, drilling production and reinjection wells and construction of a geothermal field.
Installation of the binary unit will increase the capacity of geothermal power plants Pauzhetskaya 2.5 MW through the use of waste heat separators. It is planned to obtain an annual production of electricity in total about 17.5 million kWh This will solve the problem of shortage of electricity during peak demand in Ozernovo energy system and improve the ecological situation in the region Pauzhetsky geothermal field.

In the future, "RusHydro" is ready to replicate this unit at the new sites as in Kamchatka, and in other regions with medium-and low-temperature geothermal potential. Use of binary geothermal power plant will provide reliable electricity to isolated areas — villages and small towns, especially in the northern regions of the country.

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