On Penzadieselmash released 1000th diesel — generator 1 PDG4D

Penzadieselmash (VSD, is a part of ZAO "Transmashholding") issued 1000th diesel generator 1PDG4D.

Diesel Generator 1-PDG4D is an improved modification of a commercially available diesel D50 (6CHN 31.8 / 33) to be installed on shunting locomotives. 1 PDG4D used in the shunting locomotives TEM18D Bryansk Engineering Plant, operated in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union, is widely used to replace worn-out service life of diesel generators PDG1M, 1-PDG4A.

Installation of diesel generator 1-PDG4D engine instead of a previous generation can significantly reduce the cost of maintenance of planned repairs of locomotives, reduce fuel consumption when operating the locomotive.

The design of the 1-PDG4D a security guard exhaust manifolds, the surface temperature does not exceed +60 0 C, which prevents fire when struck by fuel or forgotten promaslyanoy rags; established safety system against excessive pressure in the crankcase gases of diesel.

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