On Promtractor chose the best welder plant

In pressing-welding workshop (PSC) "Promtractor" July 12 competed for the title of "Best Welder factory" fourteen people.
Participants of the contest was to weld the pipe professional skills with Groove. Required to perform the task in 20 minutes (for exceeding the time limit relied penalty point). Also, the welders had to go through a series of theoretical tests. To win the first place, it was necessary to get maximum points.
"The work of the participants were assessed jury, which consisted of process engineers, quality engineers, and other experts — said the chief welder" Promtractor "Dmitry Sviridov. — Weld quality was assessed using the rod-compasses and other measuring devices according to criteria such as root penetration, the size of the weld reinforcement. important factor in determining the finalists and was such a criterion, the number of sprays per sample being evaluated. "


The aim of the competition was to raise the prestige of professional skills of working professions, dissemination of best practices and the promotion of a culture of production and safe work methods.
The result of the competition committee winner Igor Ivanov, welder 5th grade USSM PSC with the highest scores in all stages of the competition.
"To victory was long — recognized finalist. — Do not participate in the contest for the first time. Remember, in 2006 and 2007, when still only came to work at the factory, held twice II place. And then, finally, came in the" foremost . "For me sick all of my colleagues, dad (he works on PromTraktor milling machine), and most of all — the son Artyom".
It is worth noting that at the "Promtractor" Igor Ivanov working for nine years. He came here immediately after the vocational school.
"The profession of a welder at the time I chose under the influence of friends — continues winner. — After school went all welded together to learn the craft. Profession is a very interesting and relevant. Indeed, the modern world is based on metal — it is used in the production of tractors and automobiles, construction, utilities sphere. responsible, every day requires a non-standard solutions and techniques. welder on the quality of work depends on many things: how long will the bulldozer, the building will stand or run for engineering network. "
The second and third places in the professional skills contest took Alexander Belov (6 welder discharge USSM PSC) and Stanislav Andreev (6 discharge welder, MSU MSC).

The winners of the awards were:

  • "Youngest" — 23-year-old Roman Nikolaev (welder 5th grade, number 5 MU CT);
  • "The best theorist" — Dmitry Antonov (4 welder discharge trigger PSC);
  • "Will to Win", "SafeWork" — Andrey Vasilyev (5 welder discharge trigger PSC);
  • "Excellence" — Fyodor Nursi (5 welder discharge trigger PSC);
  • "For the restraint and patience" — Victor Illarionov (4 welder discharge USSM PSC) and Adrian Semenov (6 discharge welder, SYNC CT).

All the participants of the "Promtractor" received diplomas and supplies, and of the trade union organization contestants received gifts.

P / S"Promtractor"the only one in Russia and the CIS plant, part of four world leading enterprises for the production of heavy dozing and ripping and pipe-laying equipment. Machines produced by the company are used in the oil and gas, mining, and construction industries.

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