On the cruiser Aurora has once again started to serve military crew

Since July 1, officers and contract soldiers Baltic Fleet tasked to look after bronepalubnoy relic of the Navy, which did not save their predecessors from the disbanded December 1 2010 team. The first new crew saw the Dutch and Polish sailors who came to St. Petersburg for the Naval facilities. Special guests feeling experienced when Captain 3rd rank them playing "Romance of naval officers" on the personal gift of the Russian Emperor.

  • The commander of the frigate "Evertsen" Captain 2nd Rank Jos Oppener and Acting commander of the ship "Aurora" Lieutenant Commander Yuri Shishkarev
  • The commander of the frigate "Evertsen" Captain 2nd Rank Jos Oppener and Acting commander of the ship "Aurora" Lieutenant Commander Yuri Shishkarev

Protocol meeting the commander of the Leningrad Naval Base Captain 1st Rank Oleg Zhuravlev with the commanders of foreign ships held as part of the Sixth International Maritime Defense Show.


"Foreign guests, accompanied by the acting commander, Lieutenant-Commander Yuri Shishkareva inspected the deck of the old ship of the Russian Navy and located on board the exposure of the branch of the Central Naval Museum" — in these dry lines of the press release of the Western Military District provides information which are not indifferent to the fate of "Aurora" will be called a landmark event — after 2.5 years of absence from the board of the legendary ship again atonement military crew.

When asked by the press service of the WEST explained that the team is formed of the number of officers and contract servicemen of the Baltic Fleet, recruits to the "Aurora" will not serve. Manpower to service in the "Aurora" was selected on a competitive basis from among the most experienced sailors LenVMB have served on ships running for at least five years. Renewed military crew cruiser is somewhat less than it was prior to its dissolution in 2011, but given the fact that guard the ship will continue to be employees of the private security, a large number of sailors "Aurora" is not required.

The duties of the crew, as always, will be to service mechanisms cruisers and discharge of ship charter needs for fire ship. In this case, to the service of the museum space and guided tours for tourists sailors will not be involved, these functions will remain TSVMM for employees who remain on the "Aurora." Branch of the museum on board the ship will operate as before.

Meanwhile, on July 4 Dutch and Polish sailors, not suspecting that are present at the historic moment, looked around "Aurora," and especially impressed with antique piano in the drawing-ship — a gift of Emperor Nicholas II. Liaison officer cruiser captain 3rd rank Vyacheslav Prokopenko did not flirt and enjoy the piano played "Romance of naval officers" from the rock opera "" Juno "and" Perhaps "."

The fact that the Petrograd embankment must return sailors, it became clear in the fall of last year, when the new Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has canceled the directive of his predecessor Anatoly Serdyukov and announced the return of the cruiser 1st rank, military glory ship of the Navy . However, the exact date of the formation of a military command, and the upcoming overhaul were not named. At present, there is also not officially announced who will lead the reconstruction of the ship, but to go to the dock, "Aurora", according to preliminary data, should the fall of 2013.

Julia Nikitina,


Recall that the military crew left the cruiser 1st rank "Aurora" December 1, 2010. The decision was made after the summer of 2009, on board the "Aurora" on the personal instructions of the Commander in Chief of the Navy Vladimir Vysotsky was held illegal party VIP-persons. After the scandal, Admiral reprimanded officers who carry out his orders, and the main punishment she suffered "Aurora," which decided to withdraw from the Navy.

In October 2011, activists anarhodvizheniya passed to the ship under the guise of tourists climbed the mast and unfurled a flag "Jolly Roger". The audit showed that with the departure of the military crew actually "Aurora" was left defenseless against the vandals and hooligans. Then the number of troops was formed LenVMB outfit seconded sailors, who became carry all times.

In December 2010, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov signed the document under which the ship military glory transferred to the status of full-fledged museum object, and the "crew" must be completed of civilian personnel. Term exclusion of "Aurora" from the payroll of the Russian Navy was put up to August 1, 2012. October 16, 2012 cruiser left the last sailor.

January 1, 2013 in a personal meeting, St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko and the new Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was decided to set up an interdepartmental group to examine the technical condition of the oldest Russian warship and to develop proposals for further repairs and maintenance. Also considered the possibility of adapting the "Aurora" at full capacity with a view out to sea, but soon abandoned the idea because of the high cost of implementation.

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