On the eve of the opening of the Slavonic Bazaar detained Sergei Kovalenko

Vitebsk activist, probation for hanging out a white-red-white flag on a Christmas tree, is accused of violating the regime.

The mother of Sergei Kovalenko, Mrs. Lydia, said that police detained her son last night for allegedly being late home. Under the terms of the regime should be sentenced after 21 hours and stay at home. Shortly before this time at the entrance, where he lives activist, met several policemen and blocked the door, do not vpustsivshy him home.

Lidia Kovalenko, who was talking with the neighbors, I learned that the police had already pre-made reports of abuse regime. And made the neighbors as witnesses.

The mother was concerned that this protocol can be a cause for already the second warning Sergei. And the consequences can be serious: "conditional" sentence — three years of imprisonment without the proper punitive institution — may be replaced by "chemistry" or imprisonment.

Today will be held trial the younger brother of activist Vitaly Kovalenko. The day before he was arrested in the city for allegedly using foul language. Vitaly strongly disagree with the prosecution. He is confident that he, like his brother, want to "isolate" the duration of the "Slavonic Bazaar". Or least, during today's opening, which has to participate Alexander Lukashenko. According to Kovalenko and the mother of the brothers activists, Vitebsk police want to "insure" by hanging a white-red-white flags — just for taking part in such actions brothers Kovalenko earlier detained and punished.



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