On the Lower Shapshinskoye field in Yugra Khanty-earned modern gas-measuring complex

Shapshinskaya development of deposits provides mining subsidiary of OAO NK "RussNeft" — OJSC "Oil Joint Stock Company" Aki Otyr. "

Commissioned a high-tech measuring system for gas in real time to monitor the volume of gas delivered to Shapshinskaya group of fields in the gas transmission system, LLC "Monolith".
Commercial gas metering station was built as part of the program effective use of associated petroleum gas (APG) and meets the requirements of GOST 8.733-2011. It includes modern measuring devices to flow pressure, temperature, complex control systems of leading manufacturers of Russia and foreign countries.

Work measurement system will keep track of the volume of gas supplies to a new level, to automate the process of collecting and processing of telemetry data, and improve the accuracy of the accounting operations.

In 2013, JSC "Aki-Otyr" plans to bring the level of the effective use of APG to 95%.

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