On the sea plant Diamond in St. Petersburg, built ice-class patrol boat SS-824

The new ice-class patrol boat will Sakhalin Border Guard Coast Guard (SPUBO) of the FSB Russia.   At the Marine Plant "Diamond" 29 April 2011 raised the flag of the Coast Guard Border Service of the Russian Federation on the patrol vessel FS-824.

In a solemn flag-raising ceremony was attended by Chief of the FSB Border Department for the city of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, Colonel-General N.L.Kozik, the head of the district administration Vasileostrovskogo V.V.Omelnitsky, CEO of shipbuilding firm "Almaz" L.G . Grabovets, deputy head of the FSB Border Department for the city of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region — head of the Coast Guard captain G.N.Medvedev, S.V.Panarin captain of the ship, the crew of the vessel, as well as the employees of the plant-builder.

The vessel consecrated to successful service Dionysius father. On behalf of the Border Service of the captain and the crew handed roasted pig to congratulate the successful development of a new vessel and a wish distinguished service in the Coast Guard. All members of the crew of the SS-824 awarded diplomas.

Ice patrol ship the FS-824 project 22120 (head number 050) transferred to the Federal Security Service of the SS December 22, 2010. Until now, the ship stood at the wharf Marine Yard "Diamond". According to the plan on May 4th ship should go down in Vyborg, where for months the crew will work out practical tasks. Then the ship will go to Murmansk, and from the northern sea route to the place of permanent service to the city of Nevelsk (Sakhalin Island). The designer of the SS-824 — BCP "Petrobalt" (St. Petersburg).

According to the general director of SF "Diamond" L.G.Grabovtsa, the plant is already under way for the second cutting of metal vessel (plant number 051) of this type, the tab is planned in 3-4 months. According to information received from the designer, the second ship will be built on an improved design. In particular, it will be installed sophisticated communications equipment, support equipment, improved habitability conditions.

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