Once again, the Weapons of genocide

According to several publications, including "Russian TV" on July 23, 2012, in Sverdlovsk region in the forest was made a terrible discovery, forcing the hair stand on your head: found four plastic drums with human embryos.

Three weeks passed, and the appalling discovery forget. "Hamster" needed, as always, the bread and circuses. Sit back at the screen-debilizatora zomboyaschika with beer and chips, "dragged" by watching different "reality show" and "Comedy Club", though retarded series about Bukin, dumb students and "teacher" from the "Uni" and "plodding" under empty and soulless songs new star "Disney TV" Hannah Montana.

National, Russian television in Russia is not and can not be, but it was not truly in the Soviet era. Now everything comes to parody: "Russian Series" — often mediocre remakes of American or European. This also applies to any entertainment programs and TV shows. Almost completely stopped production of domestic programs for children and adolescents. Show a play or television story «Made in Hollywood». A proportion of the actors or multpersonazh necessarily be inorasovoy. Kai in the performance of "The Snow Queen" could be a black man, and she Snow Queen — a Chinese woman. In the U.S., sooner or later, with that, I hope, will understand. But here, in our land, as shown by Russian children! .. I'm not talking as clog Russian language alien words!

By the way, it is interesting to compare the so-called "TV" eReFovskoe and French. The French, of course, well done: his tongue, trying to preserve the culture in the most severe conditions. For example, translate Japanese anime, with Japanese names changed to French, insert songs in French, sometimes the story itself is correct. And in the end, translated Japanese anime to 90-99% in line with European style, white culture. And the British and the Americans do not. The English "House Ikkoku" and remains "House Ikkoku", as the French would «Juliette, je t'aime» («I love you, Juliette"). That's what happens, for example — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMNX1NRC7q0 or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwKZMiip56k. Yusaku Godai, the French became the Hugo, Mitaka — Stefanov, Kyoko — Juliette. The English translation (Russian and after him) names submitted by the Japanese. Screensavers, videos and submitted in Japanese. How was the French adaptation, there is an article in the French-language Wikipedia. Version of this article in English (and especially Russian) languages there.

But back to the point. Shows, big and small, concealed immense tragedy of the extinction of the Russian people, for to ignore it as it actually is — a crime. Today, we all pay for the murder of unborn children, because abortion is a "health care" provided for free as part of general health insurance. And Putin's "eReFiya" on chbslu legalized murder in the womb is the first in the world.

You want to prevent any, direct and indirect advertising of atrocities. Children slaughtered alive, they silently cry, dying in the womb. There is documentary footage, where everything is clear. And this in a country where even teenagers believe that a man and his soul is born on the day of conception. In six weeks the child already has the features of the face, arm, leg …

If the child stood at least a third of the amount allocated to the orphan, in every Russian family would be three baby. An orphan stands very much, but does not extend to orphans practically nothing. Simple and convincing evidence the economy of genocide. Genocide is the Russian people and the white people of Aryan culture (Karelians, Veps, Erzya, with some exaggeration — Komi, Udmurt, Mari, Mordovians, Chuvash).

In all regions of the Russian mentality more deaths than births. In one half of these, the second degree of danger of degeneration, demographic condition — anxiety. In the second — the first degree of danger of degeneration, demographic status — crisis.

In Caucasian and Asian regions no demographic crisis is not. In Adygea, North Ossetia and more deaths than births simply because they share a large Russian population. All the peoples of the Caucasus demographic well-being.

For example, in Chechnya and Ingushetia by nearly five times more than deaths in Dagestan — 2.5 times. Over the period 1989-2002. the number of any of the peoples of the Caucasus has increased. For example, the Avars — 1.3 times, Kabardin — 1.4 times, Chechens — 1.5 times, Kumyks — 1.6 times, Ingush — 2 times.

Most of the "Asian" regions also no demographic crisis. The excess of deaths over births in Bashkortostan, Buryatia — a consequence of the influence of the share of Russian population. Over the period 1989-2002. Bashkirs, Kalmyks and the number increased to 11%, the Buryats — 14%, Yakuts — by 23%, the Nenets — by 40%.

Here are just some of the data from the book known demographer Benjamin Bashlacheva "Demography for all."

100 years ago, the Russian population was on the increase ahead of the entire planet. Now, in the early twenty-first century Russian death two times more than the birth …

No natural reason to Russian death was more than births. 15 years in Russia each year 700-900 deaths per thousand more than births. Almost all areas of the Russian Plain third, overall, the danger of degeneration. Death of two to three times more births. For example, in Smolensk, Ivanovo regions — by 2.5 times, in Leningrad, Tver — 2.6 times, in the Pskov — 2.7, in the Tula — 2.8 times.

So the demography of the Russian Plain — threatening. Imagine that every year disappears one such area as Kostroma, Novgorod, Orel. Us "powdered brains" all sorts of "scientific" factors on the demography of "Russians" — on average. And with up to two decimal places.

Demographer Igor Gundarov in conversation with journalist Maxim Kalashnikov on one of cable television drew the following picture of liberal repression over the past quarter century.

13000000 actually destroyed and 24 million unborn — that is, the price of a liberal genocide. While maintaining the dynamics of the late 80's we have today in the Russian Federation would be 177 million people without any immigration. Victims of "Stalinist repression" placed a memorial stone. What a worthy sacrifice liberal genocide?

Why are gone or not, "came into being," 37 million, again mostly Russian?

Striking example. In Leningrad, the birth rate in 1944, immediately after the embargo in 1940 exceeded the prewar one and a half times! In the streets there were pregnant skeletons. But with a smile on his lips!

Only the national liberation revolution can save the people from certain destruction.

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