One of the options ‘Book of Enoch’

One version of the "Book of Enoch" is called — "Slavonic Book of Enoch, the Righteous" — was found in the early XX century in Russia. It turned out that he was still in the XVI century, was considered a holy book, like the other tekeksty the Old Testament, but was later added to the "renunciation" literature.

Another version of the "Book of Enoch" in the passages in Hebrew and Aramaic, was found in 1947 among the so-called Qumran texts in a cave on the shores of the Dead Sea. It is significant that all three books of Enoch, as set textual analysis, the same author.

Enoch (in Hebrew, the name means "teacher" or "Initiator") is mentioned in the canonical text of the Old Testament ("Genesis", 5, 21-24) among other forefathers. From this brief mention, we learn that Enoch "walked with God, and was not found, because God took him." It took to his living, so to speak, as, for biographies of other fathers, except it always ends with the phrase "and he died." The first and second of these books of Enoch tell of his time "in the halls of God," where God and his angels are introduced to Enoch with celestial mechanics ("Road to the Sun and the Moon") and told him "the seasons", "ways and place all elements "," exercises and prohibitions. " All heard Enoch wrote for the "transmission to future generations of the world."

Here is how Enoch is "heaven" where he was, "They have offered up at the sky. I walked closer to the wall, which is composed of crystalline rocks and surrounded by tongues of fire, and it caught up to me to fear. I came into the tongues of fire and close to a large, built of crystalline rocks the house. The walls of the house were covered with crystals and floor, its base, was also out of the crystal. Its ceiling was like the path of the stars and lightning between them — the fiery cherubim, and their sky consisted of water. Sea of fire surrounded the walls, and his door was on fire.

And there was another house, more than ever, all of its doors were open. In all respects, he was noted for the beauty, luxury, value. Its floor was of fire, the upper part consisted of lightning and rotating stars, and its ceiling was bursting with fire.

I saw a great throne. In appearance he was like a frost around it was something like a shining sun. From the throne under a blazing fire flows out, I could not go there to watch. Great Lord sat on it with his clothes were sparkling like the sun, and whiter than the pure snow. Before him were tens of thousands, and all that he was about to do, he did. "

This passage shows the impotence of all the primitive language of the shepherd to describe a complex space technology. Nothing of the sort, neither he nor his people have never seen before. Hence — the helpless attempts to find a meaningful comparison of him ("the sun", "as the frost").

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