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Semen — is analysis, which allows to evaluate the different qualitative and quantitative indicators of seminal fluid (semen) men and it contains sperm. Semen analysis is one of the main methods of diagnosis of male infertility, but does not test for infertility, so before taking the sperm need to consult with a specialist. This means that the analysis can be very useful to determine the various causes of male infertility, but the results can not fully characterize the ability of man to conceive. About 30% of infertile men have a completely normal semen profile.

  • Semen analysis is recommended to take in the following cases:
  • Infertility in men (prostatitis, varicocele, trauma, infections, hormonal disorders).
  • Sterile marriage (to identify male factor).
  • Planning for pregnancy.
  • Preparing for artificial insemination.

To enhance the information content of the analysis network of clinics "MedCenterService" recommends:

  • Refuse sex acts and masturbation for 4-5 days prior to the date of analysis.
  • As early as possible prior to analysis (preferably not later than 3 months) to stop drinking alcohol and smoking, and drug use (including cocaine and marijuana).
  • A few weeks before the date of analysis stop taking any medications or supplements, if their use has been agreed with the doctor who ordered semen analysis.
  • Within 1 week before delivery of sperm — do not take a hot bath, do not visit a bath or sauna.
  • A few weeks before the date of analysis — to reduce the physical load to below average.

Generally, the production of sperm for semen analysis done by masturbation with ejaculation in a special container. Due to the fact that to get the right results semen analysis should be analyzed no later than 1 hour after harvest, we recommend to collect sperm directly into the clinics "MedCenterService". The results will be ready in 1 day.

Sperm judged on several criteria: color, acidity, number and shape of the sperm agglutination (gluing), indicators of red blood cells and white blood cells, etc.

Doctorsclinics "MedCenterService" recommend to perform Spermogram and MAR-test.

MAR-test Is the ratio (percentage) of the normal active-motile sperm, the total number of sperm cells with the same characteristics, that is turned off, the percentage of sperm fertilization, which are regarded as standard semen analysis is normal. MAR-positive test is conditional criterion of immunological infertility in men.

If you have any questions you can contact the network of multi-disciplinary health centers "MedCenterService", where your questions will be answered urology, andrology and other doctors.


There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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