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Remember, Russian - who are you?  Who's Your Daddy?  What is your faith?

Remember, Russian — who are you? Who's Your Daddy? What is your faith?

Just say, that this is not a scientific work, and personal opinion based on information taken from very different in their outlook of the authors. Including representatives of the genre "fantasy." The names of many, like work, where I thought that interest have been identified, I do not remember. But do try to develop the idea, which has already resulted in his post on one of the branches.

What is the Russian mentality, where it came from and whether it is a curse to the development of Russia or a blessing of great deeds?

Russia, no doubt, is a European country, despite the fact that a large part of the territory of our country is in Asia. It's simple. As a single state (empire) Russia appeared in Europe (Kievan Rus, Moscow Russia), and only just beginning with Ivan the Terrible "was to grow Siberia", and then the areas in the Caucasus and Central Asia. By the way, if it had not sold Alaska, we would become Americans or still remained a Russian?

Slavs and many other ethnic groups and subethnos living in Russia, as well, without a doubt, are the Europeans. Because you have to be in full inadequate to account. that Slovakia, Serbia or Pole. while the Slavs are Europeans, and Russian, as the same Slavs — Asians. Or the same people of the Caucasus, in spite of external differences from the Slavs, are very different from the same Italian Ali Greeks.

And, yet, we — the other. But our mentality is so very different from the traditional European, causing almost animal fear of our neighbors. As for our own rulers, their assessment of the Russian people ranging from disgust to genuine admiration — depending on the desire to move "European values" on our territory and skills they themselves understand the "soul of the Russian people." It should be borne in mind that the people always respond adequately to the actions and passions of its leader — from committing another miracle to runaway smash own home. So where is the demarcation had happened?

In the book, S. Kurginyan "Esau and Jacob" has several chapters devoted to the development of Christianity. Unfortunately, dear Kurginyan, giving a great description of the impact of European paganism to Christianity by the example of St. Augustine and the works of Plato, completely ignored the history of his homeland, confined itself to a statement of the fact that Russia has developed in the framework of Christian civilization.

However, it seems to me that the origins of the Russian mentality is hidden in our pre-Christian past. Because, if we take the pattern of development of European civilization from ancient times to the post-modern glamor, you see no reason why a similar scheme is not applied to the development of Russia. Despite extreme poverty — or rather, the almost complete lack of real information about the culture of Russian paganism. Which, incidentally, makes thinking about what happened in our past as something dangerous to Christianity itself, and for Europe as a whole, which is etched with great care. Because the version that the Russian came down from the trees, built Kiev, Novgorod and Rurik was invited to the board, I personally do not like.

And the only explanation for our particular culture, which I find is the Russian attitude to their gods. In Western civilizations (including the Greeks, from whom we have borrowed orthodoxy) the gods were sitting on the unattainable height (Olympus) and led his subjects on the basis of superior — subordinate. Units that have managed to register in their mansions, as a rule, were demigods to prigozhest mamok which drew the attention of a particular god. And then, having made a number of glorious feats in the name and by order of the same gods. The rest of the population of Europeans offered to bring gifts to the gods and ask for help or mercy. Thus, European culture developed on a "God — the chief, whose orders must be carried out without question." European rulers, and they only began by trying to withdraw their ancestry from a particular god (Alexander the Great, for example, — a descendant of Apollo) and embody the living God on earth. As a regulator of the relationship has been used right — the laws of God, published for mere mortals.

With the advent of Christianity and, as a consequence, the thesis that all men are equal before God, European rulers became instant "almost equal" other, declaring that the right to control the fate of the rest of them is delegated by God Himself, by the anointing. Classical Roman law has been replaced by "divine right", which was the culmination of "a state that — I" Louis number 14.

However, after the Orthodox Christian Church lost ground (secular become very much, and can not hang all the glory of the Lord), there was a project of "modern", which is the main regulator again made law. But it is not just the law, and the law is based on the divine commandments. That is the law itself playing the role of a suzerain, who needs to obey because it comes from God. But since the law all the same people write, in the end, these laws are constructed so that they protect and defend the very essence of the human animal. Thus declaring itself the supreme value of human life, and not something that is the essence of the man himself. What eventually causes the death of European civilization, we are watching.

Now fast forward to our territory. In Culture of Russian paganism was one very big advantage: the Slavs considered themselves direct descendants of the god Rod regardless of social origin and status. Moreover, with a passionate desire for any one could enter into heaven, and to press their Their relatives by brute force. And if God, who also brought offerings, could not cope with their duties (not given rain and made a raid), the pillar with his image could easily beat a stick — not to relax and forget about their children. Thus, in the Russian cultural tradition initially lacked attitude to God as the unquestioning authority, which is replaced by kinship.

With the introduction of Christianity as the dominant religion in Russia, such an attitude to God not gone anywhere, but simply transformed. By virtue of what classical divine right no serious effects are not there. But any ruler — God's anointed — automatically becomes a father (mother) for all people. And the ruler of spreading all that in the pagan past applied to God: "As obedient children will bring you gifts and suffer punishment, but if you do not handle it — we can and a stick to beat." Any published in Russia is carried out exclusively by the laws with an eye to the governor as a father. And since "God's anointed" frequently issued by the same laws are violated, then there was a persistent rejection and stuck to written law. But instead developed a desire to replicate the behavior of the governor — and at all levels. This explains the lack of religious hatred and mezhkonfessialnoy in Russia. If the "father" is not "fixate" on faith, even if he is very devout, then why should it be making his children?

At the same time, despite the collegiality and tolerance, each of us is a staunch individualist with his own unique and "I". What are you, like, if we rooted subconscious awareness that anyone regardless of position and rank, is a descendant of God (small God). And his divinity have daily proof. Including with fists. In addition, our peacefulness exaggerated our own making. If you take the recent history, we are constantly at odds with each other. Remember the beginning of the film, "born of the revolution?" Fistfight wall to wall between two villages near Pskov? The film "Go to fight some old people"? There's a conversation pilots together to fight the Germans, the division was carried out on the level of "not our home" and even "not our street." Let in a joking tone, but it is also part of our mentality. In my youth it was still dangerous to health to appear in another area, especially in the disco. Even dear M. Leontiev in his paper has proposed to unassumingly "to fill its head" next "revolutionary."

Thus, if the governor showed his personal example, integrity, commitment, and concern about the needs of the people, he received such support (to sacrifice) which never got no ruler in the world ever. Conversely, if the one who is considered the father (mother), started to deal exclusively with the problems and narcissism, ignoring their duties (taking the example of the kings of Europe), it always appeared or Stepan Razin and his "I have come to give you freedom!" Or Emelyan Pugachev and the idea of people's king (interception ratio father — son). Lenin ended with "Earth — the peasants."

Joseph Stalin was the "father of nations" is not because of collectivization and industrialization had after spending a decade the very modernization, which in Europe took a couple hundred years with similar results for the casualties at peak times. Stalin encouraged people to these achievements only by example, as he worked as a horse, in the home was modest enough, his children went to school together with other children, not only was ruthless to those whom he considered an enemy, but also to himself, his family and friends, if they commit offenses. That is it, in fact, is the very "father of nations." As for the cult of personality, it is not only where that person is absent.

But the most important thing that can not afford the government in Russia — is to look ridiculous in the eyes of the people. Stalin understood this very well, preventing any jokes in his address. And it completely refused to understand how those who have inherited the Soviet empire and the current rulers. However, compliance with the second condition, only without following the first in Russia ends again beating with sticks.

Let us turn to the present stage of development — or, to be precise, dying in Russia. And consider the political processes now, it is with the position that I have outlined above. Biggest mistake of power — it is an attempt to move stupidly evolutionary laws of Europe and the schemes out there that work well in Russia.

It was a mistake to think that the popularity of Vladimir Putin called the stabilization of falling or real or imagined benefits to citizens abandoned his master's shoulder. Not at all. Popularity and support of the people he has brought the phrase "rub in the toilet", which surprisingly coincided with the mood of the people. Similarly, as the popularity not only ridiculed today lazy Dmitry Medvedev has almost caught up with Putin's popularity during and immediately after August 8, 2008. After which, together with fading hopes for the continuation of human tougher action against their oppressors curve "Twix" slowly but strictly decreasing. However, in different proportions.

There is nothing surprising here. Because in the age of global information content ruler of Russia simply must act, so Thurs would really be an example of dedication and integrity. What neither of them did not bother to do. I do not know what creative people have advised the leaders to do that under any circumstances the leader in Russia can not be done — PR. By Boris Yeltsin and his booze, oddities and nonsense perpetrated can be seen as anything. Except for one thing — it was absolutely natural. In any case, before. I became a camera to play tennis. And what do in this regard can be said about Medvedev, smiling donated iPhone or eating fasttfud with Obama? Or his last passage in the disposition of gratitude spoken machine that accepts byulyuteni to vote? However, Putin of it is also not far behind. Well, what an idiot he said that the country demonstrate their melting in the arms of an amphora shards will be quite that? As a result — erotic calendar with provocative slogans, girls with shaking boobs and loins "to support", and other things that make the person who claims to be the ruler of "All Russia" ridiculous long before re-election. What a clever man changed the format of direct human communication, even in the form of a monologue, with all the people of Russia to drive away in a room selected candidates ask the right questions? This is Russia! Here, clowns and buffoons do not obey. At best, ignored. However, the leaders of the parliamentary parties do not behave better.

Thus, for our leaders there is a need or meet the mentality of the Russian people, or again, as suggested by Fedotov, attempt a de-Russification, simply destroying the Russian people as such. To no one aspomnil that is in our blood — to beat their gods sticks.


Mikhail Markin Born in 1967 in Gelendzhik. Graduated from Rostov Mechanical College, then served in a battalion of police in Volgograd. In 1994 graduated from the law department of Rostov State University. University. After this long period of time was a senior Investigator Novocherkassk, Rostov region, including the gang of Salman Raduyev. Now a lawyer. Author of "The defendants — God." Podesaul GED, Deputy Ataman Cherkassy district "of the International Union of Public Associations Vsevelikogo the Don."

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