Organ concert in the Cathedral

In Grodno in the cathedral church, the first this summer concert dedicated to the six centuries of organ music. Professor Igor played Olovnikov from Minsk. The event has attracted many residents who do not attend church. Many have to stand — so happens in the temple on the great religious holidays.

It gathered the abbot Jan Kuczynski, who spoke about the history of the Church of Francis Xavier, a former Jesuit, who the citizens of habit called "Farn" means — the parish. The abbot said that students are in the temple, and not in the concert hall, so I asked them behave respectively.

A quarter century (from 1960 to 1985) of worship were prohibited, then the authorities allowed to carry out a mass for the year. But then everything changed, the resolution was to serve here Kondrusiewicz, the current Archbishop, Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev. Today Francis Xavier Church — Department of Grodno Bishop Alexander Kashkevich.

The next organ concert will be held on July 30.


Organ Music, Parish Church

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