Orsha city executive committee against the celebration of the anniversary of Grunwald

Activists Orsha appealed to the authorities by proposing a scenario of celebrations and even a business plan, under which the town needed a minimum of cash. But were refused.

Chairman of the youth organization "Union" Igor Kazmyarchek said that the 600 th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald — is distinctive for orshantsev date. After all, Orsha regiment was at the forefront of the combined forces of Poland and the ON and nearly all perished.

Young activists have begun to discuss the format of the celebrations in the last December — have written a letter to the City Council with a proposal to organize a city-wide celebration. However, a written response is not received.

By the following letter was attached our proposed scenario, says Igor Kazmyarchek. As well as a business plan, as has already started negotiations with investors and advertisers. Assistance requested unless the organizational: that there is good policing, and that in a holiday attended employees of the Department of Culture Executive Committee, as should be invited to participate amateur performances.

Orsha activists have created a committee to prepare celebrations, and, again without waiting for an answer, do go to the city council. According to Igor Kazmercheka, oral response of the authorities was the following: we are categorically against any public events.

Orsha committee to organize celebrations decided that the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald is still worth noting, though not in the format of a citywide events. Therefore, a competition of children's drawings "Grunwald eyes of contemporaries." If permission for exhibition in Orsha get fails, the pictures will be exhibited in Minsk. They will join the nationwide children's art exhibition dedicated to the Battle of Grunwald.



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