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Huge armies that fought in the fields of labor in the XIX and XX century, has long remained in the past, almost all thanks to modern technology development, economic and demographic circumstances. Now NATO military forces (U.S. and Europe) have started the implementation of joint programs aimed at reducing personnel, modernization and restructuring of operational capabilities. Under these programs, there was a project under the title "Soldier of the Future", which connects voedinyzhdy inside working out in the field of productivity and efficiency of a soldier taken separately on the basis of technological achievements of the XXI century. This concept involves the introduction of a fighter night vision systems, positioning and navigation, advanced Aiming systems, monitoring systems of psycho-physiological characteristics of the fighter, new dynamic protection.

Germany, the project IdZ-ES (Infanterist der Zukunft — «Soldier of the Future")

The project IdZ-ES, as well as most of its global counterparts, contains three main elements — protection, communication system and tools, situational awareness. Modular communications equipment can transmit video and voice data. Digital screen, combined with the GPS, allows real-time display ground situation with the transfer of its centers of command and battle management. Besides computer Rheinmetall IC4U able to exchange information between the fighters, fighting traffic and appropriate networks. The development of the German defense system involved a division of Rheinmetall and electronics division Euro aerospace and defense group EADS Defence Electronics.

Additionally there is a development of a wide range of sensors for the detection of mines and artillery fire control. Planned integration of IdZ-ES in armored vehicles such as armored personnel carrier Boxer, Puma new military transport aircraft and light combat vehicles.

Outfit IdZ-ES

The present German equipment soldier of the future will include a G36 assault rifle company Heckler and Koch; laser system that is installed on the instrument, night vision system, the information system of command, control and communications (C41) computer-based embedded in Vest; subsystem protect the ears and eyes; subsystem protection from weapons of mass destruction, ballistic protection subsystem, the subsystem and impact protection.

More fundamental is the navigation subsystem communications assistant NavICom C41, made by a European company Thales. With it, the position of the fighter and his colleagues, the location of minefields (which were identified in advance of other sensors), other areas of the threats, fighting purposes and their location, the presence of friendly, neutral or hostile military forces. This system provides a non-hazardous communication and information sharing between the fighter and the different levels of management in a mode online.

Additional components of military equipment kit IdZ, embedded in the main system, can be the means to monitor the status of a fighter, the location of snipers. The central element of control and interaction in the stands PDA. With it, and integrated it into maps and GPS receiver, the men pinpoint its location and the path to the point of destination. PDA sends a command center for information about the location of the fighters, reports, photos and even video clips.

United Kingdom, the project FIST (Future Integrated Soldier Technology — technology integrated fighter of the future)

British fighter project coming in today is more costly and time-consuming in the middle of all European projects. The initial step of the design began in 1994 and the deployment of the project is scheduled for 2010 and 2015, by 2020 it is planned to complete the readiness of the complex equipment. With all of this the price of the 1st set of FIST with all the extra options is about 84 thousand euros, which is about 3 times more expensive than other European counterparts. The aim of the project is to equip the 30-35 thousand British fighter to the 2015/2020 year. Equipment involved in the development of Thales UK and Qinetic

British project involves equipping fighter coming special equipment that improves the efficiency of the fight, reduces physical and mental stress fighter, reduces stress and danger of the human factor in the battle to a minimum.

Outfit FIST

A set of equipment FIST contains various electrical systems (laser range finder, image converters, system maps, locators goal), uniform, helmet, filled embedded information system, advanced weapon systems and personal armor. Due to the huge amount of which is part of the electrical equipment needed solution to the problem of autonomous power supply kit. Meals will be produced by promising BATTERY able to hold a charge for a long time and have a little weight.

The main part of the kit is the communication subsystem. Communication between all the fighters unit is provided with an encryption malehankih radio. In case of loss of communication with the fighter, the network system connects the spare channels. The transfer of all data and voice commands are specifically from the command center to the fighter. Unit is equipped with a satellite navigation system device reckoning, map of the area displayed on the screen the protective helmet for the growth of situational awareness.

Weapons system contains the SA80 assault rifle and, depending on the need, the South American M203 grenade launcher, a number of other anti-money fight. All instrument is equipped with subsystems surveillance, detection and targeting to increase the combat effectiveness of the soldier.

United States, the project Future Force Warrior (warrior forces coming)

The creation of the South American programm equipment fighter of the future is a more futuristic, using the main technologies that have not yet been tested in practice. Among them: the exoskeleton with artificial food, nanotechnology, body armor, which uses magneto-rheological water and others. In fact, the plan to create a hybrid of human, uniforms and weapons systems, the elements of which are very much related. The development of equipment has been specially made Soldiers' Institute for Nanotechnology, who received from the U.S. Army research grant in the amount of 50 million dollars.

One of the main parts of the equipment of the future should be a special "reactive armor", which has a thickness of only a few millimeters. This armor covers a fighter like Diving Gear. Reactive armor consists of intricate molecular components with which it can directly act and exoskeleton and body armor. For creating your plan to use magnetic-rheological water (like oil), which can harden less than 0.001 seconds by means of a magnetic field, in order to protect a soldier from the enemy's fire.

Future Force Warrior

Go with this South American engineers work out the possibility of introducing special fluids from nanobitov silica (purified sand) and the consistency of polyethylene glycol. This mixture can solidify instantaneously upon impact and shock after quenching vorachivatsya again liquefy.

The implication is that South American fighters get on arms u
nmanned reconnaissance system Skylark (Skylark), the primary function of which is an optical observation. UAV will be able to manage not only the commander of the detachment, and ordinary men with a small remote control that secures the chest. This drone meets all modern requirements in terms of flying characteristics, size, weight, ability, interaction with the operator.

UAV control system contains four major components, which are mounted on the chest fighter for ease of use. This handheld, tactical monitor, control and active sensor Skylark Rambo. South American engineers developed system allows Marines to control UAV, using a minimum of equipment. The device manager is launched into the air, and they can manage at least some fighter, which is in its radius of action.

At the current time, the U.S. has developed a system that can track the physical state fighter. She received the title WPSM (the warfighter physiological status monitor). The system connects voedinyzhdy within a range of medical devices for determining the physical characteristics of men: heart rate, body temperature, pressure, stress levels. System able to process the incoming data and, if necessary, to transfer their medical service for the realization of the right of action.

System sensors will be integrated into the standard army T-shirt, which is part of the underwear. With all of this at the present time the cost of creating the system does not allow the United States to produce a uniform in high numbers. The engineers tasked to lower the costs of its creation, which would provide an opportunity for mass production.

Development of equipment coming in Russia

In Russia planned to complete the work to create a set of equipment "Soldier of the Future" in 2020. According to our senior military officials, nor the Russian outfit in what will not yield its zabugornom counterparts. In late 2010, Our homeland has begun negotiations with France on the purchase of the French party outfit Felin. Maybe specifically at its base will be developed Russian version. The main advantage of the French kit is on the order of lowest price in comparison with others.

In the current process of developing a set of equipment a soldier of the future of our country is engaged in more than 20 companies, including corporations "Constellation" and the "Izhmash", JSC "Breastplate", JSC "Cyclone", JSC "Center Armokom." The set of equipment will include system damage, protection, management, life and energy supply.

Russian collection presented at the MAKS-2011

Increased attention is paid to the development of the control system. Fighter will be connected to a network-centric system and will be able to operate from the highest echelons of the time and pass up all the necessary information. Fighter will be able to see the battlefield, target coordinates and transmit video. A special device will allow to determine the position of a fighter with GLONASS and GPS, which will allow to produce puzzles targeting, orienteering and other applied calculations.

The system lesions will include a modern, modified or completely new Kalashnikov assault rifle with a standard grenade launcher, optical sights day and night vision, also a separate video module, allowing the soldier to conduct fire due to asylum.

Defense fighters will provide a new protective suit "Permian". This set of equipment is made of armidnyh materials and provides radial ballistic protection for more than 80% of the skin from short-term exposure to direct flame and low-speed shrapnel. With all of this fighter torso more firmly protected by a light ballistic body armor. To protect against small tools relevant principal organs of body armor is enhanced by special a clay or iron plates. Also in the kit comes broneshlem protection and face shield. In addition to this set of armor contains elements of camouflage (winter / summer), traffic vest, backpack raid and about 20 items of clothing.

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