Outfitting a soldier: heavier or more mobile?

Today in NATO countries (especially the United States and England), there is brand new trend: more than 60% of all military procurement is directed to the protection of personal military — particularly intelligence, infantry, engineers, in other words all those who specifically participates in the fighting. In this case, the value of a specific experience of NATO member states in the development of equipment which has always been of fundamental importance. In Russia, a historically since the time of the royal army was given to the issue of military equipment of secondary importance. That's why eminent shoulder backpacks Sidorov you can follow in our army for nearly a hundreds of years.

In general, the creation of promising sets battle equipment in the history of the armed forces of the Russian Federation — is one of the more tight and painful subjects. Work on the outfit itself began in the days of the Soviet Union. Samples of the creation of the single universal gear for fighter experts in modern Russia is not stopped, since 1993. During this time the company produced a huge number of ready-made kits, some of them even received military whole batches, but ordinary soldiers and used them as hard to behold. Everyone has heard a set of modern combat equipment "Barmitsa", "Permian", "Warrior", but the volume of their deliveries to the army is laughable, and the military has its claim to them.

With all of this already at this point can be argued that Russian General Staff opted mobility fighters. According to the state program of armaments army had to get up to 2013 45 th of body armor, helmets and 45 thousand 5 thousand fragment protective kits. But the Defense Ministry backed off and deleted from all programs from helmets and kits, leaving only 3,000 bullet-proof vests. The Defense Ministry highlighted that the command of the Russian armed forces are not satisfied with the weight of modern Russian body armor. While arguing with the Defense Ammunition manufacturers of personal protective equipment and the technical properties of the product, Russian fighters wear helmets, which are, in fact, had been drawn up majestically Russian war. At the same time, modern composite helmets 6B27 and 6B7-1M can meet only every twentieth fighter.

Set equipment "Permian"

While in Russia still can not determine a single set of equipment fighter, the price of guns and equipment of modern South American infantrymen headed for 17,442 bucks. It is actually 10 times more than during the second World War and the Vietnam War (in terms of current prices in 1981 and 1941 respectively buck). With all this modern fighter of the U.S. Army is constantly on for themselves, more than 34 kg. goods — including body armor, weapons, protective shields, etc. All his predecessors were loaded with much less. For example, during the second World War, a South American infantryman wore on for themselves about 16.2 kg., During the Vietnam War — 15.9 kg.

With all of this increase in the price and weight of the equipment had a positive impact on the safety of the fighters. In time Second world war for every 100,000 American soldier had died 2086. During military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, that number dropped to 310. In addition, in 1941-1945, for every 2.4 wounded one was killed. During the Vietnam War, 1961-1973 — 1 accounted for 3.1 killed the wounded. Now, since 2001 — 1 killed accounted for 8.3 the wounded.

At the current time in the U.S. Army last work to reduce the weight of the calculations, as the work aimed at the convenience of wearing it. Now, on this issue is supported by a number of commercial companies that constantly show something new. For example, a brand new med kit, which bears the title Tactical Guardian Blowout Kit. This medicine cabinet all the desired shape in a small flat vacuum packaging, which is quite comfortable at the plate body armor, without interfering with the fighter. This kit was considered quite successful.

This year, the U.S. Army also received a new version of the first set of personal medical care IFAK, which is more ergonomic in comparison to previous versions. It is not so much interfere with the soldier, past standards, for all that it is heavier, it weighs 940 grams. It included things that were previously only carried a nurse. With all of this has more weight now and orderly, often it comes to equipment that previously could be met only with a doctor.

The U.S. Army is now marked brand new trend, which has already received the title "nurse lite». It began with a program there Combat Lifesaver, in which the number of nurses in the army to increment by 3 times. Part fighter held a special rate for a period of 40 hours on programmke Combat Lifesaver (Saving lives in combat). The course includes a study of over vserasprostranennyh methods of providing medical care to the wounded soldiers, who receive most of the injuries occurring. The soldiers who have completed this course receive a special kit, created to provide first medical aid, the weight of the kit in a couple of times the weight of set IFAK.

Thanks to these innovations, the Yankees have not managed to save a hundred lives. With all this you have all these medical kits leads to the fact that soldiers have to carry more weight, and their mobility on the battlefield is reduced. Military complain about it, as agility and speed on the field of battle — it's a matter of life and death, and in the criteria of the battle is also a question of victory or defeat. In these days of combat loss in comparison to the previous wars were reduced by 3 times, but a fighter with a weighted gear has become more difficult to pursue the enemy, but in the age of the introduction of high-precision weapons the enemy has to run less.

Meanwhile, the terms of reference of the infantry battles with the introduction of the last 20 years have changed significantly. The biggest changes have occurred in the wearable equipment. Until the 1980s, specifically the pre-fight fighter could throw off excess weight, leaving only the instrument for himself, helmet, and ammunition, as a form field, a flask and a first aid kit on the belt. The total weight of the combat calculations was 13-14 kg. With all of this fighter could move around quite freely, the men quickly realized that the speed and maneuverability in combat are often able to save a life. At present, the weight of the low load increased to 27 kg. With all this, what is even worse, equipment was to limit the movement of a fighter. Hence, in such popularity that shows, first aid kits, which simply can be removed under a clay plate body armor.

Over the past decade, this has led to significant changes in the system of combat training fighter. In Iraq, the South American military made sure that they were very uncomfortable to move around with the weight. Body armor pretty much limits the movement, and the fact so used to it out time. Commanders have come to lament the fact that the soldiers poorly trained, leading to a series of configurations in the basic training of fighter.

Large configuration in personal training was related to the fact that the fighters began to prepare for what they will have to carry on for themselves rather languid equipment for a long time. In particular, it was basically a fighter for the part of the software (especially operating in convoys), when they were out of the military units, because the terrain of battle gear and usually do not wear body armor. To prepare the soldie
r had made new exercises. The Marines have received several additional months of training, as a lot of abilities, in order to get used to the gear weighing more than 14 kg. In the new system of training exercises considerable attention paid to that resemble Pilates and yoga. Methods of preparing the troops in the West differ own novel, although it was quite a long time, these methods provide a person that flexibility, which is so necessary to him on the battlefield.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s of the last century soldier added an extra "vitally important" equipment. With all this the biggest prepyadstviya emerged with a bulletproof jacket. Although the brand new armor and perfectly protected fighter, she was more massive and extremely heavy, causing faster weary soldiers, and their mobility is reduced. Quite often on the field of battle, this led to situations where the more mobile and less sluggish infantryman easier avoided injuries.

Who is the lightest weight or the so called battle layout with which the soldier goes into battle, is 28.6 kg. "Laid out on the march", with which the infantry move for employment positions where you can part with some equipment, is 46 kg. Complete a combat load equals 60 kg. It is used to "march to the critical situation," when the men have to move to areas not applicable to use of the vehicle. Still, the military often ignore many of the instructions and rules and just dropping off the extra equipment in order to make it easier to move around.

In Afghanistan, the Americans faced with one discrepancy, which is associated with the mountainous terrain of the country. Often the men have to operate at altitudes up to 5000 meters. Specialists have found that in Afghanistan fighter, even being in good physical shape, losing a 1-hour half-liter of water at the march in the brightest sun at high altitude and the ambient temperature of the surrounding air. This gives rise to the need to bring more water.

While the troops and complain about the new body armor in combat, they are very much appreciated. The new generation of body armor can protect a fighter from the machine-gun bullets, in the history of warfare going on for the first time. This was preceded by almost century-old work on the development of body armor and their cultivation. With all this training among the troops to return to its former mobility will not work. The modern soldier is more likely to live in during the fight, but just as much ability to get in a battle wound or injury, as it was in the past wars of the XX century. Fighters do not have enough mobility in combat. That's why the question of whether more mobile or heavier should be equipment personnel will disturb the minds of the military and ammunition manufacturers in many years.

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